What Happened To Nicole??


Nicole was on the last round of my SOS programme and something she said REALLY struck a chord with me..

“I can’t believe I’ve been walking round feeling like crap about my body for 4 years.. feeling like I’m STILL 4 months pregnant and thinking I just had to accept it. I’m gutted I didn’t come to you sooner”

Thing is I GET it.. SOS is a big investment to be make in yourself and let’s face it, when you’ve got kids, often investing in yourself comes with it’s own slice of mum guilt on the side, right.

Also, I get there’s the whole, what if it doesn’t work?

I’ll be honest it takes a lot of TRUST and vulnerability to work with a coach.

YES, I gots some skillzz… and a shit ton of experience in this field, it’s what I do, it’s what I specialise in AND it’s not a hobby on the side.. it’s my LIFE’s work.


BUT guess what.. don’t take my advice on board and DO the work, not gunna work. Simple.


See, at the point of the pic, I’d been working with Nicole for 5 weeks.. and after our first conversation, which was centered around her considering surgery to recify her diastis recti (abdominal separation) brought about by two pregnancies.

The last pregnancy being 4 years ago.

For me, I’ve completely fallen out of love with before and after pics and I’m often reluctant to share those of my clients there days, because of the lack of transparency I see on social media (Yes, we can all see that you’ve just pulled your pants up and changed the lighting, Hun)

But you really can’t deny the story behind Nicole’s picture.

See the thing is, you can slaughter yourself, go to ALL the Body Pump, Crossfit, lift heavy weights, FORCE the fat off your body..

Cut out.

Cut down.

Cut back.

^^ From a place of deprivation and a side order of self loathing, whilst keeping your fingers crossed that you’re ‘doing things right’.

But post natal bodies.. REGARDLESS of how long ago you’ve had kids need time attention, precision and the RIGHT kinds of expertise in this area to fine tune and rectify… even YEARS down the line.

It’s what I do best. See, transformation is a word that’s thrown around A LOT and it’s all well and good taking up less space in the world.. but for me that’s not a transformation.

Being privy to how Nicole’s shift in mindset, lightbulb moments, how she feels about herself from the inside and out, thus far.. seeing women transform in this way is always a super proud moment of mine.

As mum’s didn’t we put all the people in the world on the GODDAMN planet?

Isn’t it our right, as women, to feel like MOTHER F*CKING GODDESSES?

Errr… yeh.

Now, if you’re in a similar situation to Nicole here are 3 pieces of advice I can give ya..

  1. GET A COACH… there are so many reasons that ‘going it alone’ doesn’t work out. Whether that’s me OR someone else, get a coach who specialises in this area, I can guarantee you will spend A LOT of money paying cheap on the wrong people/ generic classes that are tailored to every gal and her puppy.. I say this from a place of love because I’ve seen so many women fall in to the trap over the years.


  1. I’m a massive advocate of women lifting weight, as you know but do yourself a favour and STOP throwing round heavy weights and expecting it to change your shape.. there’s a huge difference between training for performance and training for aesthetics/rehab (how your body looks/ activates/ holds itself) so don’t be afraid to bring it back to basics, so you know you are loading in the right areas of your body, for example.


  1. Activation and ‘switching on’ areas of your body that have been weakened need to be worked inside and outside of the gym. So stand tall and get used to FEELING weakened areas with a mind-muscle connection (something for another blogs time).


So there you have it,

Love Lottie ‘proud as punch’ Too Hottie

PS- Whenever you’re ready here are 3 more ways I can help you…


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  1. Work with me directly 1-2-1

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