What Emma Did…

So I Put Emma On A Boil Wash…

… And She Shrunk.

SOS programme



Just kidding.
Emma did my SOS programme and she’s now one of my VIP members, currently at two and a half stones down, whilst keeping her incredible curves, through weight training.
Now, other than the fact that I get on with Emma like a house on actual firrrrrre.. The gal is literally hilarious, there’s a few reasons why she’s been so successful.
And one reason that most people don’t even take in to consideration is this..
It was a few weeks ago that Emma said to me
“My friends are all really shocked that I’ve stuck to everything, I’ve never stuck to anything before”
And when I asked her why she felt like she couldn’t stick to ‘anything’ when she’d done so well on SOS, she simply said…
Now wait for it…
This ain’t what ya think…
“Well I think it’s because of how much it costs”
Now, I know you were probably thinking there was some kinda unicorn poo answer coming there, right!?
Like the SECRET to losing two and a half stones … drinking your own piddle and eating nothing but detox herba Jesus Juice Unicorn poop Porridge.
But No.
Afraid not..
Here’s the thing..

It ain’t cheap.
And never once will you hear me trying to persuade anyone otherwise. EVER.
Because it’s an AWESOME programme that’s taken me two years to develop and I have never seen anything quite so comprehensive, in depth or client focussed in my 10 years of coaching… Which is why I put it together.
It works, if you put the work in and follow it.
SOS is application only.. ie you have to apply to work with me.

My VIP membership is by invitation only … ie Your name’s not down you ain’t comin’ in
Here’s why…
If you’re not willing to invest in yourself.


If you don’t VALUE what you’re doing.


If you’re not willing to make a sacrifice and prioritise

If you don’t believe in what you’re doing
What’s the point?
How the hell can you motivate yourself to do well at something that you don’t value?

That you don’t appreciate?



That you don’t hold in high regard?
Honestly, the gals who are most successful on my SOS aren’t the chicks with the high flying jobs and money to burn, which is what you’d probably think, right?
Those who ‘can afford it’
It’s the ones who REALLY value it.


The ones who have chosen to invest in themselves.


The ones who are at their wits end, over whelmed, pissed off with al the generic crap that they don’t value.
The mums who are sick of getting changed in the dark before their husbands see them.


The gals that are frustrated about trying to find clothes that cover their arms for a night out.


The chicks who feel fat, frumpy and don’t have a clue where to start.


The fillies that have tried everything.. followed by failure, guilt and frustration every time.
The ones who are willing to INVEST in themselves are the ones who turn it around.
Now, I’m not just talking about my SOS programme, hell it ain’t for everyone and I can’t guarantee we would be a good fit to work together.
But the next time you’re choosing a ‘programme’ a ‘diet’ or whatever, ask yourself

‘Do I really value what I’m doing? Is this the same shit I’ve done before?’
This is the same reason why I don’t do ‘OFFERS’, FREE or CHEAP…
1. Because I don’t need to.

2.People don’t value cheap or free.
Now again, back to the whole motivation thaaang.
If you’re not willing to invest in yourself .. expect cheap results.
Feeling stressed? ….Book the massage.

Buy the pretty shoes that are both cute AND comfy, even though they cost more.


Get your hair done by the AMAZING hairdresser


Buy the GREAT fitting bra… not the Primark alternative
(Baps everywhere.. yikes)
^^^ Try and invest in things you love and the things that serve you


(Just like Emma did)


Now, as part of the maintenance plan that comes with the end of SOS there’s a question that asks..
‘What fears and worries did you have about working with me on SOS?’
Here’s what Emma wrote:
‘I’m normally very easily give in and eat pizza so the though of spending money on my health and fitness was worrying considering I’ve failed so many times before, I was worried it’d be a waste of money’
But Emma took the plunge and chose to invest in herself…
^^^ Think about it.


Love Char xxx

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