Client Transformations

Despite trying every possible diet I still  hated what I saw in the mirror – hated feeling the way that I felt about myself. For a while I was trying to understand there is more to life than constantly feeling like I did but found it so hard to get out of.

I was overweight at the age of 18 and lost 5 stone and felt good for my wedding in 2009 – maintained my goal weight and lived the life of good Monday – Friday then treat at a weekend.

However since having my daughter nearly 6 years ago I just could not get my weight off. I had a C-section and my overhang was definitely more prominent than it was before having my daughter. I’ve suffered from Anxiety and Depression for the past 5 years and feed my low mood with food, bringing on guilt of what I’ve just done and feeling even worse then causing my bowel disease to flare up – a vicious circle.

Before hand I feared it would all be too restrictive but it was something I would commit to, because I saw the results she got for clients and read the reviews of her past clients. I also feared I would fail and let us both down , because it’s all I had done so far.

Charlotte is one of the most real and caring women I have ever met – she genuinely cares. It’s nothing like I expected, there are no restrictions with food or life.. it’s all about living your life but being aware and accountable for what you do.

 The advise she gives is honest, real and genuinely helps you to rethink things through rationally. For what I have been through these past 5 years with depression/body and weight issues I feel Charlotte has lived it with me with the talks/advice she gives me. This has genuinely changed my life and the way I think and feel about myself – so much so I am no longer taking my anti depressant medication.

I’ve learned to stop punishing myself for having a ‘bad’ day, it’s one day, we are human AND I’m not on my own. If I have a craving, have what I crave within reason and get on with my day – I don’t punish myself and I feel in control.

 Somethings have been so simple but it’s having her there to help me re-programme my mind and tame (what she calls) an Inner B!tch, into this new way of thinking.

To anyone in two minds about taking the leap and applying to work with Charlotte, with all my heart, this is the best decision I have ever made (and I have spent a lot of money on personal trainers and everything possible to lose weight and feel good) I truly feel this has been a life changing year for me. Charlotte sees you for who you really are and helps you to begin to love yourself and that means more than anything to me.

You really can’t put a price on investing in yourself.

Joanna, 34, Mum of 1

I was stuck in a never ending vicious circle of negative thoughts. I wasn’t exercising and felt horrendous, I was eating anything and everything, going for food and wine as comfort, as a treat as a stress relief, every possible reason to eat and drink “treats” then felt guilty. I was still using the baby and breaking my ankle to hide behind but I know I couldn’t carry on any longer.

Now I feel like everything has clicked, I feel focused and  I feel so much better in myself, my body has started to go back to the shape I was before pregnancy. I don’t use food and wine as an emotional crutch anymore, In fact I’m drinking less than I have in a long time. I’ve learnt that I can factor the odd glass and actually enjoy it. I still manage to have sweet treats occasionally but I don’t over indulge and I don’t feel guilty.

My general mood is better in every way. My PT and gym sessions are sometimes the only time I get to myself when I’m not being a manager a mum, a cook a cleaner or a wife to be!

I have lost weight on the scales, lost some of the flab, I’ve got back in jeans I hadn’t worn since before pregnancy and my eating habits I believe have changed forever, it’s all been just so refreshing and just what I needed.

I’m also so much more confident, I’m starting to enjoy wearing clothes I hadn’t worn in more than 2 years. I feel focused and I’m enjoying the balanced mindset. My fiance has definitely noticed a difference and makes comments on my improved body, which is nice.

If I could tell anyone who was apprehensive  about taking the plunge I would tell them that Charlotte is worth every penny and to go for it, without a doubt!!

Gemma, Business Manager, Mum of 1.

SOS programme

From a point of trying every single diet known to man, I’d just end up putting on more weight than whenI started. Fast forward to
working on Charlotte’s Too Hottie SOS (and beyond) and my attitude to food and training has completely changed. I’m a whole 3 and a half stone lighter, despite an avid love for Pizza and a couple of holidays and social events thrown in there too.

The Too Hottie principles have taught me how to still have a life whilst getting results and I now feel confident to make mindful choices around food and have fully embraced weight training to change my body, something that used to scare the hell out of me.

More than anything , my friends are all really shocked that I’ve been able to stick to everything during SOS and beyond–as I’ve never been able to do that before. The accountability, support and actually learning about myself, and what works for ME, during the SOS process are the things that REALLY gave me the light bulb moment that I needed to make a serious change…More than a year on, I’ve kept the weight off,  I feel amazing in my clothes and happier than ever in myself … which really does speak for itself

Emma, 29, PA

***Diastasis recti repair (Pic 1 is 4 years after giving birth)

Having had two large babies within two years of one another and having a small frame my post baby body did not appear how it previously did. Due to being given no advice about strengthening my tummy muscles during pregnancy they were non existent and separated massively afterwards. I have suffered from back pain, poor posture and psychologically it was hard having to look at myself in the mirror and seeing a deflated balloon in place of my once taut stomach, whilst still looking like I was 4 months pregnant (even four years after having my second son).

SOS and Charlotte have given me accountability, persistence and TIME to recover and rebuild. I have seen physiotherapists, pilates instructors and have been provided with exercise programmes to work through however without someone ensuring I do it and make progress, it just didn’t happen. Not because I didn’t want to, but because working full time and having two children finding the time and motivation was incredibly difficult.

I’d had enough…. I had googled exercise and seriously researched and contemplated tummy tuck surgery. I did not believe that exercise could repair my diastasis recti. This is my second SOS my first was between August- November 2018. I saw huge improvements in this time even in just 8 weeks but due to a life event and also the cost I decided not to continue and ‘go it alone’.

By July the next year my mindset was enough was enough and I wanted surgery (that quick fix!). I had worked out the cost and recovery etc and sat my husband down to discuss. He was shocked I was even contemplating it and said I needed to give exercise more time. He agreed I would need at least a year and we outweighed the cost with the longer term benefits – and no surgery!

Although I present as a confident person, new situations and new people freak me out a little. This is one of my issues in going it alone in the gym… I feel like everyone will stare at me, that I’d look out of place and would make a fool out of myself by not knowing what I was doing.

When I first met Charlotte I knew straight away we clicked and I had nothing to worry about. Even now whilst in the gym I will fully focus on Charlotte so that I don’t have to think or even look at the people around me. She is my safe place in that sense and I am getting more independent and confident when she leaves me to it a little more.

Now, I LOVE training… I mean I have fully accepted that it is part of my life and daily routines. I feel a million times better for it, motivated and generally happy in myself. I am still on a journey and I don’t look how I want to yet but I absolutely know I am on my way there.
We have a much healthier lifestyle. As a family we go for long walks on a weekend and do fun active things together. I don’t drink alcohol as much as I used to on weekends so I feel much more fresher and revitalised. My fitness has now motivated my partner and so overall we are all much happier and have more energy to enjoy our time together.
My goal is and was to improve my tummy muscles so that they pull in and my stomach appears flatter. I can now see the outline of my muscles, my back pain is non existent and I feel stronger overall.
I feel like a new person. I know now I don’t need to settle for how I look just because I have had children. Family life now means we use all the spare hours we can to do things and not just sit in watching TV. At work I am more motivated and mobile and working in a large school means I can ensure I walk my 10,000 steps a day. I have been looking at holidays and am leaning much more towards active holidays which I never ever thought I would. I’d really love for us all to learn to Ski and go on a ski-ing holiday.
If I could say anything to anyone contemplating SOS or working with Charlotte it’d be this.. As women we are willing to invest in houses, cars, hair, nails, holidays etc why don’t we invest more in our own health and wellbeing!? There are not quick fixes, it takes time and dedication… but it is so worth it. Why sit and feel unhappy when there are realistic achievable options out there.

I am so glad Charlotte is a part of my life and I am so excited for what is to come. I can’t thank her enough for turning my life around.

helens weight loss transformation

After having two babies within 18 months of one another, I was the biggest I’d ever been, everything wobbled and I’d completely lost sight of myself with no idea how to even start to get myself back to ME again. I’d started to accept that this post pregnancy body, and the mentality that came with it, was just how I was now.

Getting started was a massive issue for me, even wearing gym kit was a stress as I was so embarrassed by the way my body looked. Never in amillion years would I have believed that, from this point, I’d be 3 stone lighter, fit in to an old ‘little black dress’ from the back of my wardrobe that I wore back in uni, and run a sub 5 hour marathon whilst caring for my two children and going back to work, all in less than a year.

I did everything that Charlotte advised and couldn’t have done any of this without her support and guidance, I feel like I’ve really found myself again. I knew that I didn’t want to work with a male trainer and needed something more personal than someone who has more than 40 clients to look after a week.. I didn’t want to feel like I was another number on a conveyor belt.

I also knew that working with someone who had been in my situation and understood the road I had to go down was a no brainer … The rest is history.

Helen, mum of two, Physiotherapist.

I used to be a person who constantly compared her self to others, who couldn’t even look in a mirror without being critical and I felt like the way I felt about myself was impacting my whole life.. it was spilling over in to my work and my relationship with my husband – I knew that to make a serious change it wasn’t going to be another diet.
Now, I feel so much more relaxed about myself and about food – I no longer have panic binges then restrict, like I used to. I’ve stopped constantly scrolling instagram and comparing myself to other people and I’ve learnt that I CAN feel good in my own skin.
I no longer stress so much if I eat a cake or have a treat, I know now that I can trust myself to enjoy it and get on with my day without beating my self up.
My new mentality is “This is me- take it or leave it” It feels so empowering to be in this mindset.
The whole process has made me a nicer person to live with as I’ve learnt, step by step, to love me for me, whilst making my own progress, on my own terms.
For anyone thinking of working with Charlotte – do it.
It will be the best thing you ever do.
-Heather 52

I’ve had male PTs in the past who I could never really quite resonate with, so I decided to ‘go it alone’ and did have some success, only to find myself plateauing at a dead end.

Having slogged it out for another 8 weeks only to lose 1lb in that time, and my wedding day creeping up, I decided to use some of my wedding budget to work with Charlotte on her SOS programme.

To this day, I consider all the money I’ve spent over the years on fads and gimmicks which got me nowhere, as opposed to the value that I’ve had from working with Charlotte on her Too Hottie principles, which has been totally priceless. I no longer feel like the ‘fat one’ in my group of friends and on my hen party I actually felt comfortable enough to wear a bikini on the beach, for the first time in as long as I can remember! My wedding day saw me feeling, and looking, the best I have done in a long, long time..I felt like a princess

Holly, 30, bride to be & dog mum

Sadly, my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer and, because of this, my  brother decided to move his wedding a year earlier, with me as a bridesmaid. It was really important for me to feel my best on the day, not just to ‘look good’ but more so I could feel my best on the day and look back at our precious memories.

Having followed Charlotte for years on social media and seen the results her clients were getting (and knowing Charlotte on a personal level) I knew for a FACT that she is amazing at what she does and that she would definitely be the one to help me.

I did worry that  I wouldn’t stick out SOS. I have been overweight now for the past 10 years, I’ve had some brilliant intentions and as much as I enjoy something at the beginning, whether it be a new class, joining another gym, joining another Slimming World class, eventually I’ve lost interest and the motivation I had at the start, just to end up back at square one.

Charlotte taught me so many things about taking back control on my own terms and how I relate to food, the myths and beliefs I’ve picked up over the years that have been wrong for me and, best of all, she taught me how to still be able to live my life, without the guilt.

I feel so motivated to keep going. It’s a complete change in lifestyle for me, but I’m loving it and it hasn’t been hard at all. I’ve learnt that, the right foods are important but I’m living proof that you can still have a treat and enjoy your life as you should.

If you’re thinking of working with Charlotte, make the investment and DO IT!

For me, going to a gym or a group class just didn’t work for me, little did I know that there were so many, simple, missing ingredients that I wasn’t aware of – all of which I’ve learned and implemented in SOS and beyond.

I feel so much more in control and motivated to keep doing what I’m doing.

Just want to say Thankyouuuuuuuuuuu from the bottom of my heart for all your help and giving me the kick up the backside that I’ve needed in so long. Without SOS, I’d be dreading Saturday (the wedding) as I just know how uncomfortable I would have felt in my bridesmaid dress wishing I’d have done something months/years ago. Instead, I feel proud that I can concentrate fully on making memories and feeling good about myself <3

Becky, mum of 1, bank clerk

I wanted to feel more confident and finally make a change to how I was feeling in the midst of just feeling like ‘mum’, ‘wife’ .. I feel like I’d lost my own identity.
I was totally lacking in confidence and was off work with anxiety and depression.. everything was pretty bleak so for me it was now or never.
Between then and now I had so many light bulbs about things that are holding me back and I feel like I’ve come out of the other end as a new person. I’m also now back at work feeling confident to tackle things head on.
The guest experts were amazing and the modules have been life changing particularly the way I think and feel about myself, my body, about food and the WHY’s of where these things came from.
Having been in to fitness and doing diets/ healthy eating on and off, over the years.. This is not like anything I’ve done before and it really has been mind blowing. I feel like I’ve got ‘me’ back.
Caroline, mum of 3, Occupational Therapist.

It wasn’t until I was on a flight to Spain and could not fasten the seat belt round my self that I realised something needed to change- that was my light bulb moment. I liked drinking wine to “relax” and realised that I was doing this every night of the week.

SOS wasn’t like anything I’ve ever done before, I loved the Change Your Story Module and got so much out of the Inner B*tch training around mindset and feeling in control around food.

This really hit home when I was out one afternoon with my grandson and we stopped for a Brownie, which I sat and enjoyed with little George with no guilt and without feeling like I was ‘off plan’ or that I was “off the wagon”. My mindset has been completely transformed.

I had followed Charlotte on facebook for nearly a year and liked her style of communicating, but it took me about 8 months to actually apply for SOS as I thought I might be a lost cause as I was not a bride to be or a post natal mummy and thought maybe I was too old to start doing things like this.

I also worried that I would not be able to do the workouts as I have dodgy knees, a dicky ticker and was clearly out of condition.

Between than and now?? Ha ha, I literally feel like a new woman. I have lost weight, toned up, bought new clothes that I love. I flew to Australia and could fasten the seat belt without breathing in and have a new love for weight training.

All told I’m at 3 and a half stone weight loss, my confidence is through the roof and I’ve got a new found belief that I’m not a lost cause after all.. I AM capable of feeling fit and healthy and I feel confidant to walk in to my own gym and actually know what I’m doing now too.

I eat better, sleep better, have more energy to run round with my grandsons and I just feel better in myself all round- something that I didn’t think was possible.

If I could give advice to anyone thinking of applying to work with Charlotte it would be …Go for it!! I thought it would be too expensive, too time consuming, too hard. All the excuses and stories under the sun that I had used previously. But as L’oreal say in all their adverts, YOU are WORTH IT and I can honestly say it’s the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.

Carol, 60, nurse

I was overweight and was told I could lose my eye sight if I didn’t lose weight. At this point I’d tried ALL the diets but nothing had worked.

Fast forward 8 weeks and I already feel healthier, more confident in my own body and have already dropped a dress size!!
My eye sight is already improving so I will hopefully be discharged in the, not too distant, future and I’m so proud of myself for taking the plunge and stepping out of my comfort zone..

Hannah, nurse

Life was all over the place, I had no time for me and my health. I looked in the mirror and didn’t see me anymore, I just saw a tired, stressed and over weight version of myself that I didn’t recognise. I was disappointed that I’d let this happen as I’d always looked after myself but I just couldn’t get out of the rut. I was just so exhausted all the time.
Before SOS I worried i wouldn’t see the results I wanted, worried I wouldn’t be able to do it, worried that I’d not be able to motivate myself and I’d make it a waste of money because I was so exhausted with all the changes at work at that time but I knew enough was enough!
Fast forward to the end of SOS and I actually feel like me again, like the person I used to be before life took over and I got lost in a career, house work and my comfy marriage – I didn’t even realise I was neglecting myself until it hit me all at once. It’s amazing to feel like the free spirit I used to be.
I no longer feel that constant and uncomfortable bloat. The inches I’ve lost are incredible over such a short space of time and I can actually fit back in to a size 10. I feel like I actually have control now in a way that works for me AND in a way that I can sustain without any crazy rules or misery.

I was lacking so much confidence in my self and in my body to the point I’d get upset before an outing or a date night because I hated what I saw in the mirror. I’d constantly put myself down and this had also started to impact on my relationship, I knew something needed to change because of the impact this was having on my life.

I went to the gym and did all the ‘things’ you were supposed to be doing but nothing was changing.

Something I’d never worked on before was unpacking things from my past, facing my issues and where they came from and actually dealing with them once and for all.

Fast forward and I feel so much better in myself, I feel like I can actually take a compliment now, my relationship has improved and I’ve started to feel comfortable in my self for the first time in a long time.

I’m no longer beating myself up when I eat something ‘unhealthy’ and I don’t feel guilty or beat myself up the same.

I’m starting to feel so much better in myself, so much more confident and I don’t compare myself to others the same as I used to.

I’ve loved the entire process and if you are thinking of doing it – just DO IT. It’s life changing <3

Lynne, business owner

I just wanted to say a massive thankyou for accepting me on to your SOS programme.
I had to grow a pair of ‘Lady Balls’ just to as for help, I NEVER ask for help but I needed it and you were one million percent the right person.
SOS has been, hands down, one of the best things I’ve ever done, it’s up there with travelling the world, seriously. So I just want to say thanks again for not only helping me physically but mentally too, to actually believe in myself again.

Natalie, chef

I had always been active, attending classes and after my baby (my 4th) I couldn’t wait to get back to doing something for me to feel healthy and get back to ‘me’.
I specifically applied for SOS because I wanted to get my bug back, have more energy, start to tone up and FEEL good about myself.
I started doing Buggy Bootcamp and baby spin which were fine but I just wasn’t getting the results I’d hoped for.
I did worry at first that I’d be paying all that money out and what if SOS didn’t work? Especially being on maternity leave this.
Would it be a really strict regimented diet plan that I couldn’t follow or wouldn’t have time for? Would I be afraid to tell her that I’m really fussy with food and hate veg?
But fast forward.. I got food advice that fit around me and my hectic life and I’ve become so much more knowledgeable with my food and training using theToo Hottie principles. My mood has improved, I’ve loads more energy and the best part has been over coming my Inner B1tch mindset.
I’ve been out recently for a new outfit and couldn’t decide because I felt really good in everything! Which is unheard of for me because I’ve previously been really critical of myself. Oddly, I’ve also felt so much more prepared in a morning and less stressed, which was a big factor for me and something that we worked on – something I never even thought that needed looking at in the past. The biggest thing is now that I don’t have a fear around food, I can go out and feel like I can make choices of food I love whilst ENJOYING my time out too, without the guilt.
For anyone thinking of applying for SOS I’d say, stop putting it off and do it.
Leanne, mum of 4
Amanda's weight loss transformation

I was tired, stressed, overwhelmed with life and struggled making time for myself. I was very low & felt horrible about myself.

I was never a gym bunny and I’d always been told I couldn’t do much with the state of my joints, so I had no confidence to step foot in a gym and was too scared to even start any kind of exercises –  ‘I can’t’  just became my mindset and I’d always tell myself that same story .

Having seen Charlotte’s videos and the way she spoke about things which was so different to the usual brocolli and burpee personal trainers, it all seemed so relevant to me.

I was so worried at first that I’d let myself down, feel like a complete waste of time & make a fool of myself. I also worried that I  wouldn’t be able to keep up but it wasn’t like that at all.

My confidence has grown so much in all areas of my life, my husband, kids.. and even my hair dresser have all commented on how different and happy I am. I also feel a lot stronger and more focussed!

The biggest thing I’ve learnt through the mindset training is that making more time for myself is SO important and not selfish!

Physically I’ve lost 5 inches but for me this was about getting back my sparkle and, most importantly, I now feel like the old me. I also have a lot less pain in my knees and I feel so much stronger.

Mentally, I’m much more confident and I’ve since join a gym, and actually ENJOY IT, now that I know what I’m doing where as before I started with Charlotte, this whole process terrified me.

Charlotte has completely worked at my pace and given me so much support and confidence both mentally and physically!

It was a huge thing for me stepping out of my comfort zone but I’m so glad I did. I look at food in a completely different way & I’m much more positive all round.

I just want to say thank you so much for helping me get my sparkle back! Thank you for making me realise that time for myself isn’t selfish it’s important. You’ve changed my mindset towards food & helped things seem so much clearer.

Before stripped bare I was feeling overwhelmed with life, unhappy with some aspects of my body and I lacked confidence when competing (in powerlifting)

This was the last ditch attempt to actually be happy with my body.
A few years ago I was very overweight and have worked extremely hard to change my lifestyle becoming much healthier and fitter.

I’ve lost 5 stone in weight overall and have dramatically changed my body shape.
I’m quite small so having lots of body fat and having had 4 children has stretched my stomach to the point where I now have excess skin.

I was extremely self conscious about it and have looked into having surgery.
I wanted to see if I could be happy without resorting to this.

Initially, I was worried about having to share things with people and also worried that I still wouldn’t be able to overcome what I set out to.

Fast forward and my confidence has grown immensely.

I have come to terms with why I had issues with my stomach. It’s still a new process and I’m still working on it.
The feelings haven’t magically disappeared but I understand where they come from am much more positive. I definitely won’t be having any surgery.

With regards to competing I had 2 competitions in a short space of time. One before SB and one during.
The second one was my first national competition. Which I was understandably more nervous about. However, the difference I felt doing that first squat was amazing. I absolutely took control and was able to feel confident walking out on stage in front of the judges, spectators and my family and do what I’d been training to do without a fear of failure or shaking legs. It was fantastic and I can’t wait until my next one.

My relationship with food wasn’t a massive issue, I did used to worry about weekends away, nights out etc and see these as stumbling blocks or a hindrance to where I wanted to be.
I’ve learnt how to stop doing this and it’s really worked.

I got rid of tonnes of emotional baggage and feel light as a feather with tonnes more confidence.

I feel like my outlook has completely changed. My attitude towards my body is different and even my attitude towards other people.

I view the ideas I had differently eg the idea of being overweight or fat or ‘too this, too that’
I understand where these beliefs came from. How to tackle issues that arise in my life.

I have 3 young daughters and I’m more confident about how to help them in this aesthetic world.

I’m confident.
And I’m very happy with my body, my beliefs and my abilities.

If you’re thinking about working on Stripped Bare then you should do it.
If you have reason to think of doing it then take the plunge and do it.

It was brilliant for me.

You will be surprised what other things come up that you didn’t realise were a part of who you are and why you think certain things.

The private group is very supportive.
Char is a excellent mentor and handpicks things for every individual.
Some of the stuff that was put in the group -Ted Talks, articles etc have had a massive impact on me and redirected my life.

Everyone in the group was on a different journey and had different reasons for doing Stripped Bare.
Your reason won’t be better or worse than anyone else’s.
You don’t have to share anything unless you want to.

It really is a brilliant experience.
It’s cathartic
You’ll have many light bulb moments
You’ll focus on positive things.
You’ll feel fabulous.
And if you do the photo shoot, it will feel totally liberating.

Sinead, mum of 4

I’ve always struggled with self confidence and self love, punishing myself and my body for not being perfect and failing diets over and over again, which saw me always being critical and comparing myself to others. It was one vicious circle.
I took the plunge to work with Charlotte because I was constantly feeling like a mis fit of what society says we, as women, should be. I just felt like I couldn’t live up to these expectations and it was so exhausting.
Although I worried that I wouldn’t be able to overcome my own mentality and change this, I’ve managed to strip away and understand my old negative beliefs that have been holding my back all this time and totally increase my confidence. the biggest thing I took away is that all the amazing women in the group felt the same as me, I wasn’t on my own and the support was amazing – this made such a difference to ho I feel now.
I learnt so many strategies to feel comfortable and confident around food too, without constantly beating myself up about having a treat. I now know how to manage bad days without falling completely off the wagon
I love the Stripped Bare journey, the supportive women, the guest experts and Charlotte was amazing.
If I could say anything to anyone thinking of doing Stripped Bare it would be “Just Go For It, be open minded and , most importantly believe that you are worth the investment”
Leanne, Social worker
I’d hit a point in my life where I was feeling frumpy with little self esteem.
I was trying different diets I’d done in the past, cutting back food and it just wasn’t working.
I’d found that self doubt was creeping in to so many areas of my life and I was always worried about what other people thought about me (all of which wasn’t the norm for me).
Having worked with Charlotte in the past, I know the results she gets and how passionate she is about what she does. I needed a shove back in the right direction.
Yes this was new for me having always concentrated on the diet and fitness side of things and I did wonder how working from the inside out was going to make a difference.
The best part for me was the group of amazing and supportive women, the modules and the guest experts.. I learnt so much and now have a clear view of what I want my life to look like.
Now, I feel like I have more confidence in my body, I’m so much more accepting of it! I’ve also learnt to say ‘no’ and to stand up for myself and be confident in what I value AND actually feel good about it!!
I’ve also learnt that I CAN accept compliments and that, you know what, people do mean it when they say nice things.
It has completely changed the way I feel about myself, my body and my attitude to food. I’ve learnt to let go of being perfect all the time and that I AM enough.
For anyone thinking of working with Charlotte – DO IT. You might not realise it now but you are so worth the investment.
Karen, office manager

Too Hottie Bridal Transformations

“Of all the money I spent on my wedding day, my SOS package was by far the most valuable”

Hear About The Too Hottie Transformation Experience From My Clients..

weight loss transformations
For the women I work with, it’s not about looking like a Victoria Secret model, it’s about becoming the very best version of yourself, loving your body again and finding that inner confidence that so many of us lose in the midst of having kids, getting married, working on building a career
– Charlotte De Curtis
kick start women's weight loss
I just wanted to say thankyou! I am totally wedding and honeymoon ready… But also, after all that’s done, you’ve helped alter and improve my mindset towards food, exercise and life!
Everyone thinks I’m crazy for travelling so far for my training but I am so pleased I took the plunge and went for it.
Of all the money I spent on my wedding SOS has by far been the most valuable
Sarah, Newly Wed
I just wanted to say a massive thankyou for accepting me on to your SOS programme.
I had to grow a pair of ‘Lady Balls’ just to as for help, I NEVER ask for help but I needed it and you were one million percent the right person.
SOS has been, hands down, one of the best things I’ve ever done, it’s up there with travelling. So I just want to say thanks again for not only helping me physically but mentally too.
Natalie, Chef
I’ve recently finished SOS and would just like to say this ‘no nonsense’ woman is awesome, says it like it is, no sugar coating and for that, keeping me on track, she has my upmost respect.
I was at a plateau and she helped me kick start, get me back on track and kept me going both mentally and physically. Thanks again Charlotte
Susan, Mum of 3
I’m manic, full time shift working mum with two kids, one of which needs extra help and I literally couldn’t be without Charlotte in my life.
She’s taught me so much about ‘me’, my body and how to eat and train properly.
I look at myself now and feel body-fit, mind- fit. I really do feel like a completely different person.
Kirsty, Mum of 2 and Police Officer