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Fed up, frustrated, overwhelmed and feeling like dog poop.
To confident, sassy and effin’ fabulous.

From brides who feel not so blushing, hot mommas who feel like they’re stuck in mumsy bodies and ambitious career gals who feel they’re lacking in the va-va-voom department…

Here’s an ode to the bad ass chicks that have worked with me.. TAKEN ACTION.. stuck their middle finger up to the bullsh*t to completely change their game and TAKE back their mojo.

Blushing Brides

Hot Mommas

The Va Va Voomers..

Hear About The Too Hottie Transformation Experience From My Clients..

weight loss transformations
For the women I work with, it’s not about looking like a Victoria Secret model, it’s about becoming the very best version of yourself, loving your body again and finding that inner confidence that so many of us lose in the midst of having kids, getting married, working on building a career
– Charlotte De Curtis
kick start women's weight loss
I just wanted to say thankyou! I am totally wedding and honeymoon ready… But also, after all that’s done, you’ve helped alter and improve my mindset towards food, exercise and life!
Everyone thinks I’m crazy for travelling so far for my training but I am so pleased I took the plunge and went for it.
Of all the money I spent on my wedding SOS has by far been the most valuable
Sarah, Newly Wed
I just wanted to say a massive thankyou for accepting me on to your SOS programme.
I had to grow a pair of ‘Lady Balls’ just to as for help, I NEVER ask for help but I needed it and you were one million percent the right person.
SOS has been, hands down, one of the best things I’ve ever done, it’s up there with travelling. So I just want to say thanks again for not only helping me physically but mentally too.
Natalie, Chef
I’ve recently finished SOS and would just like to say this ‘no nonsense’ woman is awesome, says it like it is, no sugar coating and for that, keeping me on track, she has my upmost respect.
I was at a plateau and she helped me kick start, get me back on track and kept me going both mentally and physically. Thanks again Charlotte
Susan, Mum of 3
I’m manic, full time shift working mum with two kids, one of which needs extra help and I literally couldn’t be without Charlotte in my life.
She’s taught me so much about ‘me’, my body and how to eat and train properly.
I look at myself now and feel body-fit, mind- fit. I really do feel like a completely different person.
Kirsty, Mum of 2 and Police Officer