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You’ve finally had enough!

Enough of not being able to fit into THAT dress that hangs depressingly in your wardrobe. You’re sick of feeling so self conscious you avoid getting changed in the mirror. You’re fed up of feeling like shit about your body so you’ve finally strapped on some lady Kahuna’s to start to do something about it. I applaud you, I really do, because some people just never find the courage

I know you’ve already flittered money away on false promises of getting svelte in 7 days and bullsh** miracle pills that profess to give you a flat stomach over night and don’t get me started on your mate down the road who you bought diet shakes from-meh!

I also know this isn’t about looking like a Victoria Secret model.
It’s about YOU.
You, who just wants to live your life feeling sexy and confident in your own skin.
The best version of you.
The version you used to be but lost sight of when family, work and kids took over.
Believe me, she’s still in there!

I get you.

This isn’t for women who aren’t willing to stick their middle finger up to the bullshit fads, meal replacements and diet pills. If you’re one of these people, click away now. Seriously.

You’ve got to be 100% ready to take a leap of faith with me. Willingly and wholeheartedly trust and commit to my TooHottie blueprint and be ready to make a serious life change both mentally and physically.

Forget the diet and fitness gimmicks. Forget counting points. Forget rip off raspberry ketones. This is aimed at REAL women with jobs, careers and kids who still want to have a social life.

It’s not a shitty generic diet plan thrown together by your local ‘run of the mill’ PT who loves chicken, broccoli and endless amounts burpees, every aspect is specifically tailored to you and your life. It’s a lifestyle change for women just like you. You who still wants to eat treats, know how to train for your body without hours in the gym, being able to enjoy a glass of wine whilst dropping some serious poundage and getting your mojo back.

BUT it’s not for everyone, not everyone is ready to leave their comfort zone. And that’s fine. So again, if that’s you, click away.

My SOS! programme is by application only, if you’re serious about making a change and need my help, click the link below and fill in my application form. No time wasters please!

I only want serious, action taking and strong charactered women on board and for this reason an application form is required to allow us both to assess whether you’re truly ready and whether we BOTH feel we will be able to achieve what you want.

Why SOS!?

So there I was..

Stood wide eyed, staring towards the ground, as an involuntary whisper of “What.. The. F*cking.. F*ck..??” of disbelief left my mouth.

I let it sink in.

Followed thirty seconds later by two frowning eyebrows, a scratching of the head then a loud and proud.

“Well that’s definitely not right”
“It’s clearly because I’ve still got my pyjamas on” I laughed (silly me).
But no..
“mmmm… Under wear is deffo gunna make a difference”

”I must need a wee”
“Maybe if I move off the carpet??”

“Well these scales are clearly f*cking broken ’cause there’s no bloody way I’ve put on a stone and a half in 6 weeks”
Then it hit me.. it hit me like a B&Q lorry.


Anywaaaaay, after a peeing on a stick in Sainsbury’s toilets (twice just to be sure) it was confirmed… I was in fact…
Not pregnant.

I was however carrying an extra stone and a half of fat and I was lathargic, unfit, frumpy and fat in my clothes… I felt disgusting… disgusted I’d even let this happen, especially with all the training I do and still couldn’t fathom HOW.

“I haven’t even been eating THAT bad” I thought
But I had…

When I sat and thought about it, I’d eaten pretty much everything in sight for the past 6 weeks and “it” had crept up on me in the midst of not concentrating on myself at all and focussing on my business.

And it’s easily done! Luckily, I know how to get “it” off again effectively, give myself a talking to and a metaphorical slap on the wrist and be on my merry way back on the wagon.

But the sad thing is, I see women like this ALL the time who quite simply seem to get to this stage over night, then find themselves stuck on the hamster wheel of this starvation diet culture, out of pure desperation. You’re up at 6am doing the latest hour long Z-list celebrity workout, cooking weird green shit that you’ve put all your hopes in because someone in a OK! Magazine professed you’d instantly loose 10 lbs.

The hamster wheel of binging, which seems frikkin impossible to get off, which leaves you feeling tired, desperate and lost.

The fact is, I WANT to help you. I wanna transform you and work with you to bring out the best version of youself and give you back your confidence.

For that reason I’m offering you a 100% money back guarentee on a little life changer that I call ’60 Day SOS’

Sink or swim.

Yep, if you don’t hit the 60 day goal we set, I will personally refund every penny. Absolutely no qualms or hassle and we can part as friends.

True story … you have it right here in black and white.

(ok, pink and white but ya know what I mean)

My SOS! programme is by application only, if you’re serious about making a change and need my help, click the link below and fill in my application form. No time wasters please!

Here are just a few of the busy women I’ve worked with to transform not only their body but their mindset too..

SOS programme
helens weight loss transformation

Now, this isnt a sales pitch, anyone who knows me, knows that I HATE ‘selling’ to people and I point blank refuse to whore myself out to people. For this reason, my SOS programme is application only.

I literally have a very limited number of spaces available because there is only one of little ol’ me to work with people personally on a one to one basis.

I can only dedicate my full time and attention to a limited number of people effectively before it becomes ‘just another’ fitness programme.

I haven’t worked tirelessly for that to happen Honey Bunny, abolutely no way.

Once you submit your application form I will arrange a convenient time to call you to assess where you’re at and set some strategies with you that you can implement straight away over the phone. Only following that will you be granted a space on the programme, if we both feel you’re seriously ready to make the change and commit to the 60 days.

Here’s what’s included..

  • Nutrition and lifestyle consultation, unleashing the REAL reasons you’re STILL stuck on the hamster wheel and how we can work together to make simple, stress free changes to turn this around (Usual cost £50.00)

  • 16 hours of personal training with yours truly over the 60 days. I’ll teach you the two secrets to training for your individual body type, with more results in less time. (Usual cost £480.00)

  • Personalised 60 day diet plan, including, almost unknown, ways to melt body fat whilst still eating the foods you love, guilt free (Usual cost £80.00)

  • My TooHottie recipe E-book with over 100 family friendly recipes which can all be prepared in less then 15 minutes. Finally sparing you from trawling the internet at 10pm looking for ‘low calorie’ meal ideas equipped with weird and wacky ingredients, which even the Asda staff don’t know the isle you’d find them. (Usual cost £25.00)

  • Daily e-mail guidance straight to your inbox every day for 60 days. Each day is designed to keep you on track mentally and physically, including exactly how to stay on the wagon without feeling deprived of a social life. (Usual cost .. Priceless)

  • EVERYTHING you need to know about how to turn your life around with my (aptly named) ‘Change Your Story’ work pack, which allows you to delve in to the honest, no bullshit truth to getting back your confidence and KEEPING lasting results. Exclusive to the SOS programe. (usual cost.. Priceless)

  • How to FINALLY have more energy, more attention from your man and more time for yourself.
    (Usual cost..again.. Priceless)

Your Investment Options..


££650 (Or £249 per month)
  • Includes 16 x in person training sessions
  • 60 day Sink or Swim mindset training & manuals
  • SOS ‘Change Your Story’ Manuals
  • 3 month commitment

So here it is again, exactly what you get for your investment..

  • Full body assessment and strategy setting, detailing exact steps to move you forward throughout our journey, along with daily email straight to your inbox EVERY SINGLE DAY for 60 days. Packed full of the EXACT do’s and dont’s to keep you on track, stress free.
  • My Change Your Story Work books designed to get to the root cause of ‘The Thing’ that probably isn’t ‘The Thing’, allowing you to discover how to kick your own Inner Bitch forever.
  • Tailored and personalised diet plan specifically for you and your body type that fits around youre lifestyle as a stress free way to still eat the foods you want whilst socialising and losing some serious poundage.
  • My recipe ebook with tons of ’15 minute’ tasty, unrestrictive recipes, designed specifically for us busy women who are poor of time. Tonnes more energy and a stress free way to accelerate your journey to your 60 day goal
  •  Training sessions with me personally where I will teach you not only insider secrets to getting THE MOST out of your training in less time but how to train for a sexy, athletic and jaw dropping figure which is guaranteed to turn heads (all without spending hours in he gym or bak to back endless fitness classes).
  • Weekly personal assessment, weigh in and body fat calipering so I can keep you on track and tweak your programme as needed so that we can work together to find stress free ways to make your journey as easy as possible.
  • Daily ‘mindset’ coaching and motivational videos, direct to your inbox every with a special Monday morning kickstart to the week- and every Friday so that you’re geared up for weekend antics without hindering your progress, making ‘starting again on Monday’ a thing of the past.
  • My expertly tailored work pack that delves deep in to EXACTLY why you REALLY want to achieve you goal and HOW you are going to get there (it not what you think) so that you never have to be described as the ‘bubbly one’ again.

Hear about the SOS straight from the gals who’ve been on the journey…