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Ya know what they say “behind every successful man, there’s a successful woman” … And behind every successful woman there’s a group of equally amazin’ women holding her up. My free Sista-hood group is a place of support for kick ass women who are fed up with the bullsh** diet culture. It’s a place where you can get direct help from me (judgment free- no question is a silly question) through live teleclasses, workshops and  Q & A’s whilst joining in discussions with real women who are dealing with the same struggles as you are on a daily basis.

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Now, I can’t promise you a Happily Ever After in one single Breakthrough Appointment BUT we can sit down and get REAL with your current situation and look how we’re going to finally move you forward, making sure you leave with an action plan and maybe a training invitation… the magic starts here, Homegirl.
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21 Day Revamp Group Training

It’s a kick start for those that need a safe yet effective kick up the ass for rapid fatloss over a 21 day period.

Maybe you’ve got a holiday coming up, a hen do, a wedding, a divorce (I mean, nothing say’s screw you like being in the best shape of your life, Amen to that Sista) OR maybe you need an intensive all out, yet stress free, programme to kick start your journey and give you that initial boost.

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One to one tailored to you

One size DOES NOT fit all … ever .

So I don’t offer a package of x-amount of sessions and a general nutrition plan.,
So if you’re after an ‘average package’ put together by ‘average Joe’ that you can get from every other PT, then you’re not a good fit to work with me.
At your consultation you’ll have a full body and mind set assessment to distinguish where you are now and where you want to be and how we can work together to get you there whilst getting to the bottom of EXACTLY how you ended up here in the first place… then, together we’ll formulate a plan from there to fit your needs.

CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) work
Learning how to train effectively for your goals with personal training.
Discovering why your nutrition isnt working and setting a tailored, specific nutrition plan around your life.

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So you’ve FINALLY had enough of not being able to fit into that dress that hangs depressingly in your wardrobe.
Sick of feeling so self conscious that you avoid getting changed in the mirror.
I already know that you’ve flittered away endless amounts of money on false promises of getting svelte in 7 days and bullsh** miracle pills that profess to give you a flat stomach over night and, let’s not mention, your mate down the road you bough diet shakes from.

I also know this isn’t about looking like a Victoria’s Secret model, it’s about being the YOUiest You.
The You who is confident and sexy in her own skin.

So, sink or swim.. Your choice.

This is my high end, strictly application only, coaching package for serious players. I only choose 5 SOS clients at any one time via application and telephone consult.

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**Coming Soon**

VIP Membership (Invitation Only)

You’ve seen it a million times, right?!

Ya finish a ‘ Juice diet’.
An ‘Eat nothin’ but green shit programme’
A ‘drink your own piddle detox’
A ’28 day challenge’ … a ‘whatever’

You muster your way through it and by the end feel super slim and look pretty hot.

Woohoo …

For about a week

But then you find your self stuck in a ‘what now’ moment, don’t have a clue how to maintain your results or progress any further.
You go back to eating ACTUAL food and BOOM..

You’re fatter than you started quicker than you can say Thunder Thighs.

On ALL my progammes with ALL my clients, you receive a crafted maintenance plan upon completion. The do’s and dont’s to avoid the ‘what now’.

But most people wanna progress further and there’s nothing wrong with striving for more, my friend.

I have clients at the moment who smashed their SOS programme, for example, but wanna learn how to advance their weight training, implement olympic lifing, train for a half marathon or advance their training purely for aesthetics (to look even hotter).

This membership allows you access to work with me and be accountable to me long term to set periodised goals and strategies to getcha there.

I only offer a very limited amount of memberships at one time who receive exclusive membership perks. No contract, no tie-ins BUT once you leave … you’re gone … you’re membership space is filled from my waiting list…. and you don’t get back in da club, Home girl.

***Membership is by personal invitation only in a three tiered system***