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So, your Misery Diet has left you feelin’ nothing but deflated, crappy and.. well.. miserable?

You’ve reached a point where you can’t take any more, right?

Despite PROMISING yourself that you’d have shifted the lbs by now, you’re still in the same position, if not slightly worse than when you started.
Maybe you’ve had some success and totally relapsed?
Maybe you’ve had a trainer previously who didn’t just quite flip your pancake?

And lemme guess.. You’ve also read that much blurb from THAT many fitness ‘influencers’ and magazines (and let’s not forget Linda, who lives next door, who did a 5k one time and is now an ‘expert’) that you feel like you don’t know your arse from your elbow.

Sound familiar?

A Breakthrough Appointment is exactly what you need if:

  • You’re feeling lost with where to start, what to do and how to do it and are sick of all the conflicting advice that’s getting you nowhere.

  • You’ve invested HUNDREDS over the years in gym memberships, classes, diet shakes and you STILL don’t like what you see in the mirror.

  • You’ve tried every diet and training plan known to woman kind, whilst constantly feeling deprived- cutting down- cutting out – and cutting back on food, only to rebound and pile back the pounds.

  • You can’t seem to ‘get motivated’ like you once were when you were ‘on the wagon’ and you wish that you weren’t so ‘All or Nothing’ so you could finally feel happy and healthy with a body you rock.

Now, this ain’t whatcha think, Hun…

This isn’t the part where I lead you down the garden path to convince you by that by the time you leave your Breakthrough Appointment with me, all your dieting woes will be solved, and you’ll have turned in to Megan Fox, in the space of an hour.

Nowhere will I try to convince you that I am THE BEST Personal Trainer in town (cringe) to try and make you part with your hard earned cash because, let’s be honest, you might meet me and run for the hills..

Or worse.
The doughnuts.
(Maybe I’ll do the same)

After more than 10 years in the industry I know how important it is to gel with a coach and resonate with their message.

This is time for YOU.

For you to sit down and get clear about..

The overwhelm.
The frustration.
The stress and the struggles of feeling like you’re on a never ending treadmill.. a never ending diet… that leaves you feeling even more deflated than when you started.

And exactly what we can do about it..

So, just so we’re clear, my Too Hottie Breakthrough Appointment ain’t gunna do the following…

  • Find you a man

  • Immediately Stop You Piggin’ Out on Ben & Jerry’s

  • Morph you in to a Victoria’s Secret model

This isn’t a frikkin’ Disney film, Hun

I don’t have a magic wand.

And let’s face it, if I did, I’d be busy turning pumpkins
(Or other available seasonal fruits)

in to David Beckham, making babies with him
and living happily ever after and shit.

Here’s what I can do to help you…

What I AM, is a problem solver.

Ya can think of me as being your very own Fairy God Mother..

Without the wand.
Or the Pumpkins.
Or the little mice that speak… Meh!

I do consider myself to have my very own magic though and that’s helping gals, just like you, who feel like they’ve tried EVERYTHING, to get exactly where they wanna be.

I work with you to SOLVE the predicament you’re in by going DEEP with the route cause and helping you on your very own journey to turn things around  for good.

I get that you’ve got kids, a job and a social life and that all the conflicting information you read, that just never works for you, leaves you feeling miserable and worse than when you started

I get that for you, this isn’t looking like a Victoria Secret Model, it’s about becoming the best version of yourself.. becoming the YOUIEST YOU that was lost somewhere along the way

I get that this is about you FINALLY feeling confident and sexy in your own skin, with the waistline and happiness you deserve (and maybe a cheeky wine or two along the way)

Here’s what we’re going to do…

We’re going to get REAL, RAW and RELEVANT

We delve deep, using your pre-appointment Breakthrough Inventory, in order to clear the fog and give you clarity on your current situation and what it’s gunna take to move you forward.

We get REAL with reasons why you start and stop yet can’t manage to stay on the wagon.

We get RAW to upgrading the habits that no longer serve you and are holding you back.

We get RELEVANT to your current situation in order to make this journey your own, fitting with your own values and what you truly want.

The best part is that your pre appointment Breakthrough Inventory isn’t some namby pamby form, it’s based around the neuroscience of habitual change. Specifically designed to get you thinking and asking you questions and provoking a different way of thinking to finally change your situation and give you a few lightbulb moments on the way…

Which is the first step on your journey..

Here’s what’s included…

1. A one to one appointment with me, personally,  where I can really listen to what’s going on for you, so I can get to the bottom of what makes you tick. Then we can make a start to finally pull you out of the rut you feel like you’re in, to start you off with some real, lasting results.

2. Your Pre appointment breakthrough inventory (to be filled in before your appointment) designed around the neuroscience of habitual change to get you understanding your own ‘light bulb’ moments before we meet.

3. An 8 page client report detailing all we’ve spoken about in your appointment, including a recommendations list tailored to you so that you can get started straight away, without the usual ‘guess work’ of ‘Should I be doing this?” .. “Is this right?”

4. Direct access to my coaching programmes, to get you cracking immediately. 

5. A recorded full body analysis, with callipered body fat sites and all relevant methods, for you to keep so that you have a solid, stress free, starting point

6. A follow up accountability appointment to ensure nothing is holding you back, so that you do what your say you’re going to do.

7. My recipe ebook ‘Easy eating For Busy Gals’ so that you can make a start on getting to grips with, and taking control over your food, without the overwhelm of what you ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t be eating.

8. My POSSEE – positive outcomes worksheet that we work through, together, looking at the biggest thing that is holding you backhand creating some positive and actionable steps there and then, for you to take away from your Breakthrough Appointment with you.

My starter kit (free when you book your breakthrough) Includes:

  • Unleashing the ONLY ninja tactics to give you a fail safe start so that you have a clear structured path to finally move you forwards, on your own terms.

  • Exactly how to get back (and keep) your motivation without spending a single penny

  • Discover the only TWO things you need to be giving a shizzle about when it comes to starting out on your ‘New You’ journey (one of them will surprise you)

  • Simple stress free tips and tricks, that I use with my 1-2-1 clients, to teach you how to banish overwhelm for good, despite being busy with work, kids and running a home.

  • Revealing the simple fat loss formula that no one talks about yet is giving my 1-2-1 clients KILLER results.

  • 10 simple reasons why the likes of Slimming World and the current ‘diet’ culture are kicking you’re ass and leaving you deflated when it comes to sustainable fatloss.

  • Exactly why you go through lulls of feeling un-motivated and un inspired and my personal blue print of exactly how to tackle it so that you’re not left confused with the conflicting information and advice that leaves so many of us not knowing our arse from our elbow.

Breakthrough 1

  • Detailed client report & recommendations list
  • Training Invitation to any suitable training/ programmes I can offer you
  • Too Hottie POSSEE work sheet
  • Starter Kit

Breakthrough 2

  • Detailed client report & recommendations list
  • Training Invitation to any suitable training/ programmes I can offer you
  • Too Hottie POSSEE work sheet
  • Starter Kit
  • Measurement and body fat assessment using calipers

Breakthrough 3

  • Detailed client report & recommendations list
  • Training Invitation to any suitable training/ programmes I can offer you
  • Too Hottie POSSEE work sheet
  • Starter Kit
  • Measurement and body fat assessment using calipers
  • A session of your choice where we work on your biggest struggle (nutrition/ what to do in the gym/ stress management/ sleep…etc) with actionable outcomes and follow up plans

The magic starts with a Breakthrough…