Should You REALLY Be Weighing Yourself? – By Charlotte De Curtis

Should You REALLY Be Weighing Yourself When It Comes To ‘Weight Loss’?

The age old question that I, still to this day, get asked by tons of women who re frustrated with all the crap that comes with weight loss…

“Should I be weighing myself?”


Now, here’s my take on weighing yourself on the weighing scales..


If you’re putting all your hopes and dreams into this magical number that the scales are giving you?


The same magical Holy Grail number, that you believe is gunna make you happy, find you a man and turn you in to Beyonce when you reach it?


THAT same number you always strive for?


If this is you..


It might be time to take a step back away from the scales and stop putting all your value and self worth in a number.


Look, your weighing scales don’t have a heart and a pulse, so why treat them like they do? So many women I see define themselves by that ‘magical’ number. “If I can just reach that number I’ll be happy”.


Moving your weighing scales to different places in the house, gradually de robing down to your bare naked body, followed by a bonus wee.. All to try and get to a number you like seeing more than what the scales are telling you.


It’s kind of insano behavior when you think about it.


Scales measure the weight of the mass that stands on it but it doesn’t tell you what that mass actually looks like… 


(Not to mention what a funny, kind, intelligent person you are..  yet you’re defining your whole self by a number?)


Thing is, you CAN change your body without it making much difference on a scale.

Some people reflect well on a scale, others don’t… It’s that simple.


So when it comes to measuring your progress be sure to use other methods too like pictures, bodyfat with calipers (that I do with my girls), tape measure, how your clothes fit, how your feeling, your health, your sleep, your mood.


Don’t hold your self worth on a number because I can guarantee it will become an unhealthy obsession that you’ll never be satisfied with.. 


Believe me, with over 10 years of working with ladies, just like you, I’ve seen it alot.


You weigh yourself Monday morning and see a number that you were literally dreading after ‘being good’ all week but ‘slipped up’ at the weekend so you clung on to any kind of hope you could muster for a lower number as you step on to the scales (after you’re bonus wee obvs) with one eye closed as you brace yourself for what it’s going to say, which you know will subsequently MAKE or BREAK your day.


Lo and behold you  feel like shit, a failure for not being able to stick to your stupid diet, guilty that you were crabby with your kids because you were hungry and stressed. Not to mention all that time away from your family, slaughtering yourself at the gym for nothing..


So you think ‘What’s the point?’


^^^ But in reality that’s not a true reflection of what’s going on, you’re just holding your entire self worth on a number, given to you by a heartless, soulless piece of plastic.


With my girls, I weight train (using barbells and dumbells) with with all of them because you can quantify the progress in other ways.

Not to mention, there’s something really empowering about being able to hit a new squat PB or powering your way through reps and sets you never in a million years thought you ere capable of.


Now, another thing that most people don’t get to grips with is that the actual weight of your body and your body composition are two completely different things (which I’ll explain in tomorrow’s video in the Sista-hood group, if you’re one of my one to one clients).


You wanna make yourself a smaller version of what you’ve got? 


Do cardio.


You wanna actually change the shape of your body, create curves and firm up your problem areas, whilst getting leaner and unleashing your inner Bad Ass?


Weight train.


For the girls I train,  it gives them so much more self worth and value to their journey, especially when it comes to fat loss and actually being HAPPY with your body.


Learning to detach from emotional eating and looking at food differently because you see it as fueling your body for training, no longer feeling shame and guilt around foods and actually ENJOYING it (I know.. enjoy food? wtf) because you have other goals to be proud of and ya can still see your body changing.


This is the pinnacle of WHY I put together my flag ship SOS programme and exactly what it teaches in the 8 weeks.


You aren’t pinning your life and soul on a number on a scale, you’re doing something you’re proud of, dropping true body fat and LOVING the changes that come with it.




Do I think you should be weighing yourself??


Well, it really is your call


Love Char xxx 

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