Tight Wannies & An X-Rated Build A Bear and Weight Training

Put some curves here.
Make this smaller there.
A bit more cushion fo’ the pushin’ under here
Kinda reminds me of Build a Bear Workshop.
…without the fur.
…or the miniature bear outfits.
It wasn’t that long ago that a client of mine discovered another MAJOR advantage of weight training, as I received a text from her that read…
(Brace yourself)
“I know this is random but I feel like my ‘wanny’ is tighter since I’ve been training with you and even Nick has noticed”
Yes a ‘Wanny’ is exactly what you think it is
Yes this is an actual true story
Yes Nick is her husband and isn’t a gynocologist by trade
(I don’t know any man  who’s a wanny expert so Go Nick)
In fact she’s prolly readin’ this now.
**Hi Kirsty**
In fact, thinking about it, this is the same client who exclaimed (in the middle of a packed gym) that she just squeezed so hard on a squat her uterus nearly fell out.
(Kirsty the X-rated Build a Bear)
So for us chicks this is kind of a big deal, especially if you’ve had babies.
Cuz’ think about it, unless you have a job lifting things or sit at your desk practising pelvic floor exercises, that area is never under tension.
… Until you lift weights and create  the tension through contraction.
Now Included in the ‘Starter Pack’ that I give new clients at consultation bookings, you get two weight training programmes that you can download to your phone and take to the gym with you (For free)
These give you a step by step guide of how to get started with weight training and EXACTLY how to get the most out of it without it being time consuming, boring or leaving you questioning whether you’re doing it right or wrong.
Plus a tele class that explains exactly how to activate your pelvic floor, in and out of the gym.
So if ya want in…
You can book your consultation slot here..
Love Char ‘Your husband will thank you for it’ De Curtis
PS. Tomorrow I’m gunna tell you about my friend’s wet patch, see ya then