Banana Girl & The Truth About Fitness magazines that All Women Should Know



So I saw something a few days a go about yet ANOTHER self proclaimed ‘fitness guru’ who called her self Banana Girl

Now, before reading it, my immature little mind immediately conjured up the scenario that she either sported a weird yellow cape with stripey Banana-In-Pyjama-eque tights


She’d had more pricks than a pin cushion and was confessing a DailyMail-esque ‘kiss and tell’ type story

(which, truth be told, was why I chose to read it – meh)

But alas..

It transpired that Banana girl, in fact, ate 50 bananas a day

(Not gunna lie, I was hoping for willies)

But fecking hell… 50 bananas?!

Now I’m partial to a banana or two

(Easy tiger)

But 50??

And this (apparently) was part of a daily diet of 5,000 (yep five THOUSAND) calories

.. Or so she claimed.

But I wasn’t buying it..

See here’s the thing, a heck of a lot of the women I speak to are absolutely baffled by the shizzle they’ve read on the internet or in magazines, Banana Girl being no exception.

And with stories like this it’s no frikkin wonder most women I speak to don’t know their arse from their elbow, when it come to getting in shape.

It was only a few weeks ago that I shared another story about a single, vegan, mum who drank a sperm smoothie as part of what she considered a ‘nutritious’ breakfast, every day.

But here’s why I wasn’t buyin’ it. See, I had a few questions of my own..

Is it just me or would sperm not be classed as an animal product?

So Hun, you’re telling me you won’t wear leather because you’re Vegan but you’re quite happy with a shot of man yoghurt for breakfast?

(And is it jus me that’s genuinely intrigued as to where this single mum of two is getting this daily supply?)

I mean, other than a dog sh*t sandwich, I really can’t think of a more vile breakfast.


But here’s the thing, not for one minute do I believe Banana Girl or The Sperm Guzzling Vegan.

why? Because it’s, quite simply, attention seeking bollocks.


See, what most women don’t realize is that even fitness magazines, which are often seen (wrongly) as the voice of authority in health and fitness are full of controversial, sensationalist stories which are written by journalists (who often aren’t even in the fitness field full stop) to sell magazines by gaining the attention of the prospective reader.

And ya know what gains attention and sells these glossy mags?

(Well, apart from shotting jizz for breakfast)

Some new fangled diet which is marketed to stressed out, over whelmed women who are desperate for an answer to their failed weight loss woes in the form of THE latest diet…

The sperm eating –  banana chug ’til ya vom – celebrity drink your own p*ss  detox.

So what’s the point of this email?

Why am I landing in your inbox talkin’ ’bout sperm and lack of banana willies?


If you’re about to do the whole “This is MY year.. New year, new me tings” and you feel like you’ve already fallen off the waggon, just two weeks in to January…


Maybe you’re still finishing off selection boxes telling yourself you’re starting on Monday (again)..


Maybe you’ve got off to a cracking start and you’re lovin’ your 2017 progress and the road you’re taking, just like my Kick Start gals who started with me on the 2nd of Jan and have collectively lost 3 and a half stone between them, so far.

Whatever point you’re at, be aware from whom you are taking advice.

Ask whether the advice you’re listening to relates to your situation.

Think whether or not the advice someone’s giving you is in the context of what you’re trying to achieve.

It was only last week that I was speaking to a gal in the gym who was trying to follow the advice and plans of a professional body builder.. Which, in theory, is great.
Dude, you’re a mum of two with a 9-5 and a staff room full of biscuits, is this really gunna be conducive to what you’re trying to achieve? And is it necessary?
You’re really gunna live of white fish and rice for the foreseeable future

Or are ya gunna set ya self up for failure from the get go?

Think, have I done this before? Is this REALLY gunna work for me?

Think about it.. then put it into your own context..
Because I’d really hate for you to be shotting semen for breakfast.

Lotsa Love Char  xx

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