The Too Hottie Formula

The Too Hottie Formula..

Girl Power is at the Heart of my very own Too Hottie Formula, where I deliver coaching for women to become their BEST ever selves. I believe in championing real women with kids, jobs and social lives to be happy and healthy in a body they ROCK.

As part of my Too Hottie mission, I’ve made a pledge to help as many women as possible thus inspiring a Sistahood of unstoppable females to be themselves and achieve whatever they want, on their own terms.

Too Hottie isn’t a one size fits all, it’s a state of mind, an attitude, a revolution that allows you to become your own heroine.

It allows you to rediscover your inner sass by exploring my very own formula, taken from 12 years of working with Kick Ass women who need a nudge (or a full blown catapult) in the right direction..

Here’s what you can expect from my 4 Too Hottie Principles that make up The Too Hottie Formula..




This time, it’s about getting real, raw and relevant with your current situation and the REAL reasons why what you’ve been trying just hasn’t worked.
It’s about You and getting to the bottom of what you truly want.

It’s about prioritising yourself (for once) and being more than just ‘mum’, ‘wife’, ’employee’.
Its about putting yourself first, investing in yourself and giving yourself permission to become the YOUiest YOU.

The YOU that maybe you lost in the midst of having babies, a family, a career.

I work with the women I coach to find the clarity and confidence to move them forwards with results that fit in with what they value in their lives.
Something that works for you and fits in with your own passions and your own purpose.
Something that serves you.. not the other way around.

This Too Hottie You module allows us to find  a pace that works for you to get results on your terms, to be happy and healthy in a body you rock.


Look, I get it, you feel like you’ve spent your life on a constant Misery Diet that sucks the fun out of your social events, only to leave you worse off than when you started.
You feel like you don’t know your arse from your elbow when it comes to the Soul- Cleansing-Herba- Detox Juice .. or the drink your own piss detox.. amongst all the other shizzle you’ve tried, to no avail.

The Too Hottie Tasty Module is based on us working together to take out the guess work, detaching negative emotion and guilt that you’ve instilled in to your eating habits, and replacing it with learning exactly how to enjoy food (ENJOY!? Yes I know, crazy) and STILL get the results you long for.
It’s about empowering you with the knowledge and pace that works for you, so you can  finally take back control and fall in love with food.


So you’ve been to Bodypump on and off for years because they say you should be lifting weights, right? You’ve ventured further into the gym and toyed with the treadmill because Linda, who works in accounts, said that running is the BEST THING for fatloss (eye roll)…  but you still don’t know whether what you’re doing is ‘right’ as nothing seems to be changing, no matter how ‘hard’ you seem to be training, leaving you frustrated and lost.

Move is the module where we work on periodised training blocks that work for you and what you want to achieve. It’s about feeling empowered, in control and  having the knowledge that allows you to finally learn about your body and what you’re suited to. The exact techniques that allow you to craft a body you rock that lives in clothes that you love.

Inner B!tch: Mindset

She tells you to have another Hob Nob then calls you a fat cow when you can no longer fit in your favourite jeans.
She’s the one that has you believe that you’re not enough.
Slim enough.
Smart enough.
Confident enough.

Your biggest critic.

She can be the b!tch from hell or simply f*cking fabulous.
It’s You vs You.

And in the Inner B!tch module I teach you exactly how to use her to your advantage.
Inner B!tch allows you the space to get out of your own way in order to look at things from a different perspective. Allowing you to delve deep into your current reality and the stories that don’t serve you, followed by the exact strategies to becoming the best version of yourself…  And this all starts by taking control of your very own Inner B!tch.


Ever After

Just so we’re clear, my Too Hottie formula won’t…
Find you a man.
Immediately stop you piggin’ out on Ben & Jerry’s.
Nor will it morph you into a Victoria Secret model.
This isn’t a frikkin Disney Film, Hun.

It will, however, give you the tools to get REAL, RAW and RELEVANT to the exact techniques to be the Too Hot-iest version of YOU, every day.

The tools to finally stay on the wagon.
To wear the clothes you feel sexy in.
To fall in love with food.
To feel empowered by your training and love the process of true long term transformation.
To finally take control of your inner critic and use her to your advantage.


The Too Hottie Formula is a practise and something I can teach you to fall in love with day in day out for your very own Too Hottie Ever After.

Don’t believe me?

Ya can see what my Too Hotties, past and present, have to say here…