The Epiphany That Was Giving Up Reading FB Comments For Lent..

So, I have a thing.
It could quite possibly be some kind of condition or disorder.
It starts with this uncontrollable urge that washes over me and results in red mist rage that, short of turning green and my t-shirt ripping is definite fury.
And here’s what hooks me on and reels me in
Facebook comments.
They’re like CRACK to me.
So much so, I’ve given up reading them for Lent.
And I must say I wasn’t doing very well with it, up until this week (Soz, Jesus).
See, whenever there’s something semi controversial going down I have to (yes, HAVE TO.. overwhelming urge, remember) click and read the comments..
Now you can imagine some of the people who are hanging out in the comments section on FB.
If not? I’ll give you a few examples..
A) The trump loving American man, who has a ferocious love for Guns and the unborn fetus (right up until the point that it turns out gay .. then not so keen)
B) The incognito troll who leaves misogynistic and hateful comments about the appearance of others (usually has a profile picture of a dog).
C) The grammar police. You know the ones who usually show up, choosing to totally disregard the poignant post , in favour of pointing out the slight grammatical error.
Cue Hulk rage…
And one day as I sat there getting more and more furious at these people that DO actually exist in the world!! WTFFF!!
More and more fuming.
Until out of nowhere..
It hit me like a B&Q Lorry.
(I mean last time I saw this level of ‘What the EFF am I doing? ‘ was Elle Woods and her metaphorical F*ck You to go to Law School)
AND Yes. WTF was I doing?
Why was I letting these people, on the internet, who I’ve never even met and have NO contribution to my life, take you ANY of my precious head space.
What a massive plonker.
And just like that I took a deep breath, shook my head at my own plonkery self and did that magical act of self relief that you can do with your fingers…
I scrolled past.
Then I went and unfollowed all the crap on my social media that made me feel like crap. Unfollowed, unfriended, un-liked, blocked. Bye Felicia.
Whatever I needed to do? I did it.
And guess what liberating AF!!
I mean, who knew?
But it makes sense right? Something I help my clients with is their environment and head space.
You have a choice of what you put in that head of yours.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect and maybe one day I’ll be FULL ON Russell Brand level reformed but now, if I do slip back in to old ways? I approach these comments with curiosity..
Like, IMAGINE being in that head space where you feel the need to troll other people on social media?
Or tagging your mate in to a status with a passive aggressive eye roll.
I mean LOL. You’ve got to laugh ain’t ya?
Last time I checked you were a grown woman, not a year 9, Hun.
I mean IMAGINE being in that head space. You’ve gotta feel a bit sad for ‘em.
The end.

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