The C Word

^^^ It don’t get more vulgar and offensive than that does it, Honey Bunny.

I remember as an innocent 8 year old asking my mum what it meant.
Only to be met with a look of horror and told not to say that word EVER again.

This incident was around the time I also told my Year 4 teacher that my Nana Pat got a Blow Job from Andy Jackson every Saturday.

Blow Job..
Blow Dry..




BJ’s aside, I think we can all agree that the C-Bomb really is THE most vile and offensive word known to woman kind.

(Hence my mum’s horrified face at it’s sheer utterance)

One word that can immediately screw a woman’s face up with a look of disgust

One Word…



Here’s the thing..

How many times have you bought in to miracle creams of wonder
that claim to OBLITERATE cellulite.

Firming up your derriere to leave you with an arse as firm and magnificent as that of Kylie Minogue, Circa Gold Hot pants.
***** How many women do ya know that it’s ACTUALLY worked for? *******

Cue Tumbleweed

‘Cuz it’s the same calibre of bullshit as…

Tea Tox fat burning tea …
Waist trainers ..
Cleansing capsules..
Cellulite banishing body wraps…

It’s a bunch of big ol’ stinkin’ bullshit.

Think about it this way

Cellulite is subcutaneous wobbly fat that forms dimples as it lies.

You can’t tone fat. SIMPLE.

Even if you firm the skin, it’s still not the skin that’s the issue.
It’s the fat.

And this is the number one complaint of women I see when they first come to a consulation with me.

Frustrated, overwhelmed women who’ve tried EVERYTHING.

EVERYTHING from creams to toning belts to extensive running and endless spinning classes under the impression that the outcome will be toned legs, less body fat

And ZERO cellulite

(Above, of which, are useless methods to eradicate cellulite, by the way)

Ain’t nothing worse than working you’re arse off only to still be jiggly

I hear ya Sista.

Ya wanna look good wit’cha clothes off too, right!?

If ya wanna ditch Cellulite (and ya clothes) for good?

Then ya might wanna consider joining me for a consultation where we’ll go through a full body analysis of where you are vs where you want to be … and exactly how to REALLY ya get there (minus all the bullshit obvs).

Plus all the cool shizzle you get in the Starter Pack that you get for free with your consultation.

Ya can check it out by clicking here


BUT, if ya wanna ‘go it alone’ which is abso-frikkin- lutely fine too

Here’s the drill…

Numero Uno:
Train with weights to grow the muscle underneath so your legs, for example, are made up predominantly of firm muscle as opposed to wobbly fat.

I’m not talkin’ Schwartseneggar-esque muscle growth

(which is nigh on impossible for women BTW)

… But long, lean shapely muscle which gives what most people refer to as ‘a toned look’

(All of which I teach ‘how to’ in my consultation Starter Pack)

Numero Deux (Yes, I know that’s French but I don’t know the Spanish word for ‘2’ …MEH)

Work on decreasing your body fat percentage.

Now the best way to determine your current body fat percentage (without having an expensive Dexa scan) is with the use of callipers to measure sites of fat on your body, which is something I do for each client on a consultation.

However for a very rough guide you can also use scales, but be wary if you’re prone to retaining water.


Tomorrow we’re talkin’ ’bout THE best type of training to torch body fat in 4 minutes

I kid you not.

See ya tomorrow

Love Char ‘As shit at French as I am at Spanish’ De Curtis


PS… Here’s that consultation link again

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