The Myth: Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal OF The Day (And what you should be doing instead)










What if I told you that everything you ever thought about that perfect precision of a protein based breakfast that all the health and fitness ‘gurus’ spout on about was in fact, catastrophically wrong.

Maybe even your ‘well meaning’ PT once gave you this very advice? I mean EVERYONE knows that breakfast is THE most important meal of the day, right?

Well what if I told you that this very statement..

‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ that is often proclaimed with such conviction by those Carpet Carrying Avenger PT types **eye rolll **


Wait for it..

A myth spread by Kelloggs in the 1930’s (Then adopted by the bacon companies).

read that again ^^

If you think your mind’s been blown you ain’t seen nothing yet..

See, Mr. Kellogg himself, being the religious man that he was, also  believed that masturbation was the greatest evil and could be prevented by eating bland food. Like Cornflakes.

Fancy that..

Can’t stop dialling that rotary phone?
No problemo.. Grab a spoon and take a pew, Hun.

AND if that information didn’t rock your world quite enough..

What if I told you that the whole “Breakfast of champions” was originally a metaphor for ‘setting your day up well and actually has f*ck all to do with your perfectly time, Unicorn Rye bread and  Jesus-Juice magic bean shake.

Now don’t get me wrong if this is your thang and this is where your belief system lies, cool. Chase the rainbow..

But if not lezz continue..

So, firstly I have a confession… I don’t eat breakfast..

And no, don’t worry Sandra, I went to an all-girls Catholic high school, I have plenty of sin in my life, I already know I’m going to Hell.. So don’t worry about me, Hun.

Now, this isn’t me telling you not to eat breakfast but I’ll have you consider that when it comes to your own “Breakfast of Champions” metaphor.. your protein ratio is often the least of your problems.

Ya see, the majority of women I coach and speak to on a daily basis, are often looking in the wrong place when it comes to ‘setting themselves up for the day’ based on the delightful Mr. Kelloggs.

So, question for yah: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

^^Just think about that for a sec..

Because a whopping 81% of people I asked on my Instagram (I’m sure there are more insightful studies around FYI) said the first thing they did was pick up their phone.

Filling their head with everyone else’s bullshit before they’ve even got out of bed.

(Listen, no judgement, I get it. This is also something I struggle with too. I’m a nosey bitch – meh)

But imagine before you’ve even stepped a single bare foot on to the cold wooden floor, you’ve already given more time and attention to …

  1. Getting all triggered by that annoying cockwomble from work.
  2. Rolling your eyes at the guy you once went on a date with 10 years ago, who’s having all the insano, crazy fun with his new rebound bird.. a status update that’s deffo for the benefit of his ex.
  3. Feeling a pang of mum shame at that ‘perfect mum’ who fed her kids a breakfast of truffle soufflé and Quail eggs for breakfast.

Think about it .. you really think THAT is starting as you mean to go on??

Now, I have something that MIGHT help ya out. It’s a mantra I share with my clients that goes like this..

 “The Queen eats First”

^^^ Read that again.

Clue: You are the queen.

Another Clue: You check-in with the Queen (AKA yourself)  first.

Consider setting up your own breakfast of da Queens with a way that works FOR you. You get to dictate your own thoughts, feelings AND the best bit, you get to be in a position where your day happens more FOR you than TO you.

Here’s how (A few things I’ve worked on with my clients and some I do myself – FYI no one is perfect, do what works for you)


  1. Got kids? Get up before them and take 5 mins with a brew to just BE with your own thoughts (yes sounds a bit woo woo life coach but try it, serious game changer)
  2. Do something that changes your state.. Have a cold shower. Or if, like me, you’d rather poke your own eyes out.. Whiz your arm under the cold shower for 5 seconds for a liddle ‘wake up call.
  3. DO NOT scroll on your phone until you’ve taken some time for yourself- whatever that looks like to you.


See, the women I coach have often spent A LONG time looking in the wrong places for the difference that makes the difference and the perfect miracle breakfast ..

Believe me you can spend your life pissing around with your macro ratios at breakfast time all ya damn like..

But until you solve your own  “Breakfast of Champions” conundrum and what that looks like, you’re likely gunna stay screwed, Hun.


Love Lottie ‘Queening’ Too Hottie

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