Sweatching, Calories and more BS

So, if you missed it, I’ll post the link to the semi controversial and probably offensive snippet of a video I put out on my facebok page this week, in the ‘ps’ of this blog..
Still kinda twitching my curtains on the daily, awaiting the angry mob Zumba-esque protest outside my house, due to what I said…
(Shimmies, Jazz hands and maracas in place of pitch forks and torches.. sounds like my kinda party)


The full length video is only gunna be available in my, client only, Sistahood group… So if ya not one of my clients, ya wont see it.
So before some sweat band wielding Zumba fanatic hunts me down and lobs a Zumba Toning Stick through my window, I thought I better clear it up…

Firstly, contrary to what you might have witnessed on the video.
I’m PRO Zumba..
Yep PRO.. YAY Go Zumba.. You’re cute.. I love you.

(To be honest I’m not really ANTI anything when it comes to fitness, apart from spinning. NO ONE needs that level of bruised wanny in their life. NO. Thank. YOU)

Before Zumba died a death in the industry about 4 years ago, I used to teach it when it was in it’s prime and, not gunna lie, I loved it. I also loved the revolution it brought.


ANYTHING that makes any kind of fitness accessible, fun and gets women off their arses into ANY kind of training..
I’m down for it.

And the best thing, also the reason why I call it a revolution, is that it didn’t stop at Zumba..
It got women having the confidence to then access a tonne of other classes too.
I’ve got one lady still on my facebook, called Kath, who used to come to my classes…



Started off at Zumba, progressed to a bunch of other stuff … These days she takes part in triathlons.
Kath is in her 50’s.
Guess who’s winning at life? … errrr Kath.

Now my video isn’t even about Zumba…
It’s about people completely and MASSIVELY over estimating how many calories they’re burning during exercise.. thus leading them in to a false sense of security of ‘deserving’ a Big Mac cheat… then being absolutely baffled by the end of the week that they haven’t lost any weight…

Que ‘fuck it bucket’ self destruction and dieting cycle of on-it.. off-it.. destruction.

I’ve even seen instructors post ‘Come to my Zumba class and burn 1500 calories’
Although I’m PRO Zumba. I am very much anti Bullshit.
Here’s the thing..

The FUNDAMENTAL and BASIC principle of fat loss you need to get right before you do ANYTHING else is work out the amount of calories you need to be eating for you to be in a calorie deficit.

You need to move more than you burn.
Otherwise no fat loss for you.


It doesn’t matter how much green leafy shit you shovel down your throat… if you are eating more than you burn you ain’t gunna be getting rid of any bodyfat.

If you are over eating. You are over eating.
Whether its nothing but chicken and rice or nothing but Mars Bars … You are STILL over eating.

‘Get the basics right FIRST’
THEN and only THEN, look at everything else.
Now, people have literally stood in front of me and said

‘I’m in the gym for 3 hours every day’..
Or that they burn 7-8-9 hundred calories at a class but they’re still not seeing results in terms of fat loss or  they’re putting weight ON.

And ya know what I say?
“How do you know that you’re burning that many calories?”
And I’m not being a dick about it, I genuinely want to know..
And the thing is this..
Most people don’t know.
Now here’s the thing, on average in an intense workout when I’m completely goosed and totally sweatching (That’s short for sweating like a bitch, so I’m told)
I burn on average 400 calories..
Maybe 450 if I’ve got done some EXTRA hard sweatching.
How do I know this?
Because I have a Fit Bit activity tracker… and before these came out I had a heart rate monitor for years, which gives you an estimate of how many calories you burn within that time, taken from how high your heart rate is.

And BELIEVE me, a very high percentage of people are over estimating MASSIVELY.
Like the guys who think they’re burning 1500 calories at Zumba.

FYI I used to burn about 320 calories MAX teaching at a Zumba class and, teaching it at the front where you’ve got to pretend to be super happy and over exaggerate everything.. which, in it’s self, creates a decent amount of sweatching.

Now this is one of the main reasons I’m a massive advocate of weight training and something that I do with the women I coach…
The more muscle you develop, the more calories you burn at rest, you might have heard that, right?
But it also creates something called the EPOC effect..
Excess post exercise oxygen consumption.

Which is the amount of oxgen needed to restore your body’s levels to normal metabolic function.
Kinda boring. I Know.
BUT it means you still burn calories long after your workout.
Now, back to my point before I wrap this up…
Consider this..
Just because you are IN the gym.

At a class.

ON your treadmill in your garage.


Just because you are PRESENT.
If you’re not training hard.

If you’re not breaking a sweat.

If you’re finding it easy.
I can guarantee you’re not burning anywhere near as many calories as you think you are.
Believe me.
So if you’re not seeing results you want and you’re getting to the point where you’re frustrated, fed up and overwhelmed …
Take a step back and get the basics right FIRST.
This is something I work on with the women I coach, if you think accountability and clarity might be something you’re lacking you can hit me up here for a Breakthrough appointment 

Love Lottie ‘Basic Bitch’ TooHottie

pps.. If you want more info regarding activity trackers, drop me an email and I’ll give you the low down. FYI I’m not affiliated to Fit Bit or any of these watches but I just think they’re a great tool to have

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