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Imagine being that woman who oozes confidence, stands tall and wears a crown like a pineapple. That woman who owns her sh*t, flaws and all.

You really wanna believe that, after all this time,  all you have to do (again) is diet. That’s it. Cut out. Cut down. Cut back. Just get through the deprivation and misery then you will never have to struggle again, right?
Because then you’ll be that woman that you’d love to be. That inner Beyonce, who’s care free, confident and feels amazing in her clothes, who wears what she wants without batting an eye lid.

But isn’t that the problem with diets? They create the illusion that if you just restrict until you get to your ideal weight, then you’ll be free and never struggle again.

So, lemme ask you this..

How many before and afters is it going to take before you make peace with the now?

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