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Imagine being that woman who oozes confidence, stands tall and wears a crown like a pineapple. That woman who owns her sh*t, flaws and all.

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You really wanna believe that, after all this time,  all you have to do (again) is diet. That’s it. Cut out. Cut down. Cut back. Just get through the deprivation and misery then you will never have to struggle again, right?
Because then you’ll be that woman that you’d love to be. That inner Beyonce, who’s care free, confident and feels amazing in her clothes, who wears what she wants without batting an eye lid.

But isn’t that the problem with diets? They create the illusion that if you just restrict until you get to your ideal weight, then you’ll be free and never struggle again.

So, lemme ask you this..

How many before and afters is it going to take before you make peace with the now?

Lemme introduce you to..

Stripped Bare?

It’s a project in YOU.
An adventure.
An oddysey.
To peel back the layers, revealing the ‘gold’ at your core, celebrating all that you ARE. Not all that you’re NOT.

WARNING: This isn’t another diet. This isn’t a project based on misery. I’m pretty sure that this isn’t like ANYTHING you’ve done before. This  also isn’t for women who aren’t ready to stick a middle finger up to diet culture and join a revolt of women who are bored of feeling frazzled and charred, to take life by the ovaries and stand in your fire.

To live with hustle and passion and finally awaken your slumbering goals.

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This is about creating a YOU that folds her insecurities in to paper planes and turns them into flying F*cks.

The YOU that fearlessly revels in the messiness of being perfectly imperfect.

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Here are just some of the things we’ll be working on..

  • Unwrap the layers of self sabotage and at long last call a truce with your internal war on your body. I’ll teach you how you can choose an end that’s free from  self-judgment and the constant comparison.

  • Unleash your Inner B!tch in a way that works FOR you and not AGAINST you exposing, intercepting and challenging your negative thinking so that you’re crippling inner critic becomes your BFF.

  • Unearth your unhelpful beliefs around food and discover your own Food Freedom so that you never feel the pang of guilt, despair or the usual ‘punishment’ that follows after a night with the girls.

  • Become the woman who feels good reserving the word YES for when she really means it so that you have more energy, more calm and more mental space for the things that really matter to you .

Your 6 Week Curriculum

Module One: 
Change Your Story

Module 1 is all about getting REAL and Raw with your old story, being brutally honest about how you got to the point that you’re at now with both your body and your relationship with food. We look deep at the hows and the WHY’s around where you’ve been and where you are now, as well as identifying and crafting a brand new story of how you want your life to look and how you want to feel around food. This is the part where we identify the big WHY’s whilst letting go of the old blocks, starting to peel back old limiting beliefs and step the f*ck forward with grace and sass in to the shoes of your new story, creating the life and body you want, on your own terms.

Module Two:
Body Beliefs

Module 2 explores the deep rooted beliefs that you have about your body, where they came from and exactly HOW we can upgrade and re wire your thought patterns, forgive the past and BECOME exactly what you needed at the time of these beliefs being formed and engrained. We look at what accepting your body, on the way,  really means and why so many women struggle with it.  We’ll discover the importance of my first Stripped Bare Pillar “The Queen eats First’ and how to establish quick, easy and effective rituals that will keep you on track and fire up your motivation, even when you don’t feel like it. I’ll also share four of my top techniques that I use with my high end 1-2-1 clients to QUIT the comparison game FOR GOOD. By the end of the module, you will be armed with everything you need to FINALLY change your relationship with your body, so you’re no longer at war with it.

Module Three:

Burn the wagon

Module 3 takes a long hard look at your relationship with food, the feelings you have surrounding it and the exact steps to solving the binge – restrict cycle FOR GOOD. We delve deep to discover the unhelpful and negative language you use around food and the IMPACT, that is the foundation of your ON – OFF the wagon, is having on your life. We look at my S.C.O.R.C.H nutrition method so you can finally concentrate on the proactive elements of your food and nutrition and finally banish the conflicting advice that’s left you overwhelmed and confused for so long. We create crystal clear focus and calm around relating to food – FOR LIFE.

Module Four:

Your Inner Bitch Discovery

Module 4 is all about calling a truce with your Inner Bitch . We all have one and I’m sure you will agree that she can either be your worst night mare or your best friend. This is the part where we delve deep to  ‘have it out’ with your unhelpful habits,  your self sabotage and the negative self talk to personify your very own bitch. You’ll learn to honour this part of you, recognise when she needs listening to and what she’s REALLY hungry for. I will share with you 4 strategies to keep anxiety at bay (for good) and show you exactly how you can turn every day in to a good day, even when your bitch rears her head. You’ll discover how to finally stop comparing your self and your life to everyone else’s, create unstoppable motivation (even on the days you ‘think’ you don’t feel like it) AND leave behind the things that once held you back. All by learning how to turn your Inner Bitch in to your BFF.

Module Five:

Your Ever After – The princess saves herself in this one 😉

Module 5 is all about creating a vision for the future you and for YOUR dream life and your dream body too—not just how you want to look but how you want to feel—and then establishing all of the ways in which you can bring this future version of you into the NOW. We’ll look at how to detox your current life, create space for the arrival of what you really want and set brand new body goals that you can actually achieve without the constant diets. You’ll receive everything you need to help you discover your true mission and purpose in life, as well as identify all of the things that may be stopping you from getting there so you are crystal clear on how to CREATE motivation, rather than constantly waiting round for it.

Module Six:


Module 6 is a culmination of everything you’ve achieved so far on Stripped Bare to integrate and immerse your incredible new mindset in to your life in a way that you can thrive – for life. This week is about taking ownership, responsibility and making a lasting commitment to yourself as I serve you up a ‘self love’ dish every single day, for 7 days. This week sees you get clear on your very own wellness recipe to use in your new life, through the full support of me and the other Queens in the group. It’s a week of fun and surprises 😉 for YOU to finally fold your insecurities in to paper planes and turn them in to flyin’ f*cks as we all, together, stand proud and brave in our own skin in a way that, is now, just second nature.

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The (semi) Full Monty Finale

Your Stripped Bare project ends with a themed day of fun, frolics and an undraping (quite literally) of your new found fierceness where we celebrate all that you are in the here and now, through everything that we’ve worked on over our time together, in a themed and tasteful photoshoot.

I know what you’re thinking, I’ll never be able to do that. And right now maybe even the thought of having someone take your actual photo, with an actual camera has you cringing into the ground but isn’t that what this is all about?

It’s about the future YOU.

Now, I’m not going to force you to get your kit off completely, this is entirely at your own discretion. This isn’t about being in the best shape of your life, dieting down to a 6 pack.. or how much or how little you dare to bare. It’s about embracing yourself and owning your shit, including your flaws, on your journey, surrounded by a squad of women who’ve walked through the fire with you.

It’s about coming together, celebrating the gorgeousness of our imperfections and OWNING our sh*t, on OUR terms.

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Who Run This Mutha??

Lottie Too Hottie

Charlotte De Curtis (AKA Lottie Too Hottie) female focussed PT and eating psychology coach will be, hands on, running the show and leading your project, so you’re not left in the shadows to fend for yourselves. She’ll be on hand to answer questions, guide your masterclasses, workshops and kick some ass when it comes to staying accountable to your mini challenges.

Your Investment in YOU

Early Birdy Investment  


FULL DISCLOSURE.. Please note that the Early Birdy is only available to those on the waiting list and this closes 24 hours before Stripped Bare officially opens, at a saving of £100.00.

Once this time is up the cost is back at £347.00 ( Best Value) OR £133.00 (3 monthly payments)

3 Month payment Plan

£99(3 Monthly payments)
  • Access to full Stripped Bare Curriculum & workbooks (with life time access)
  • 3 x guest expert masterclasses
  • Secret Stripped Bare Facebook group for 24/7 support
  • Entry to Finale Day photoshoot and bonus wokshops
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Best Value

£249(Single payment)
  • Access to full Stripped Bare Curriculum & workbooks (with life time access)
  • 3 x guest expert masterclasses
  • Secret Stripped bare Facebook group for 24/7 support
  • Entry to Finale Day photoshoot and bonus wokshops

Results from the women who chose to stick up their middle finger to take back control, on their own terms…

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