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What if I told you that I could set your confidence on fire, banish your cellulite and turn you into the love child look-a-like of Megan Fox and Jason mamoa, in just 7 days?

Well, I can’t (soz). This isn’t a frinkkin’ Disney film, Hun.

But what I can do, as a female focussed coach, is give you my very own 7 day blueprint (strictly zero bullsh*t, promise)   … Minus the confusion, minus all the conflicting advice, so you can FINALLY feel good in your own skin, on your own terms.
Believe me, this ain’t what you’ve been doing already. Some of this is a ‘out there’.. not in a weird way but I don’t know anyone else who puts this stuff together the way I do (minus the tupperware and death by burpees – eww).

7 days To A Too Hottie You Blue print

I’ll warn ya, if you’re not ready to stick two fingers up to ‘drink your own p*ss’ detox teas and the endless diet- binge cycle, this ain’t gunna be for you and you might as well click away now. Just bein’ honest.

If you’re in, keep scrollin’

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Here’s what’s included..

  • Discover the secrets that I use with my clients to staying on the wagon for good so that you can find balance whilst enjoying food and still having a social life, on the road to feeling happy and healthy in a body you rock!

  • A FREE Breakthrough with me personally (worth £75.00) that will give the the chance to get real, raw and relevant with your current situation followed by some actionable steps that you can put in place in order to leave your old story behind and get allow you to finally feel good in your own skin.

  • The exact techniques that allow your day to happen FOR YOU rather than TO YOU so you’re not getting to the point of stress where the only answer is mid week wine.

  • Exploding the fat loss myth that most women are completely oblivious to (And the main reason your probs not seeing results, Home Girl)

  • My Booty Camp Workout that you can download straight to your phone and use in your own gym. Including the 3 most effective exercises to build a firm derriere that most women don’t even know about.

  • The REAL way to banish cellulite for good so that you never have to spend a penny on miracle firming creams *eye roll* ever again. Hallelujah.

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