Why You Should Never Trust Your Personal Trainer

There’s misinformation everywhere .. Even your trainer is probably full of shit, but I’ll come to that later. First, I need to tell you about a revelation I’ve had recently that made me question EVERYTHING I’ve ever learned as a Fitness professional.
Now, these days, I’m an asker of questions. I’m sceptical about everything until I have proof
and here’s why…
For as long as I can remember, I’ve been spouting out this fact about how to escape from the clutches of a crocodile (random I know)  and it has been one of my prized factual pieces of knowledge, stored in the brain bank ready for the right moment when crocodile attacks arise in conversation but as you can imagine such occasions are rare… very rare.
So, when the crocodile topic is finally broached (and I kid you not, it occasionally happens) … there I am in all my glory delivering my prized knowledge bomb like I’m the female Bear Grylls.
So anyway… A while ago I’d met this guy and we’re texting away and for some reason (I can’t remember why) but he mentions something about… wait for it… a crocodile !!!
So I’m lead there in bed, I quickly sit up, my face beaming
This is it… this is MY moment…
My self proclaimed legacy to pass on this vital information, the fact that may one day save someones life!!
So there I am .. I couldn’t move my thumbs fast enough … and in I went with
“Did you know” … smiling smugly as I thumbed…
“That if you’re being chased by a crocodile you should run away in a zig zag motion because crocodiles can’t turn corners – they can only run in a straight line”
A short while later, my phone buzzed and a reply of “lol” sat in my phone.
… lol ?? …
So I’m sat frowning at my phone in confusion,
“Lol” is not what I was expecting for a fact that could potentially save ones life !! I was a bit miffed that he wasn’t amazed by this ingenius life saving fact that I’d just delieverd, Mrs. Bear Grylls stylee!
Surely he doesn’t come across many gals who know this kinda shit?
“Don’t act like your not impressed” (Said in the style of Ron Burgundy)
So “lol” was then followed by…
“Why would the crocodile not just chase you in a straight line?”
So I stare at my phone … more frowning..
… Ah
… mmmm
…More frowning
And he was right, why had I never thought this before? Why had I never questioned it?
… And why, on the rare occasion that the crocodile topic had previously arisen, had no one else questioned me?
(Apart from the fact that my previous audiences were probably, at least, moderately intoxicated… but still !! )
So, that was it, I needed answers!!
So I took to my speaking Google app, who has never yet failed me on a query, he answers everything… apart from rude questions about himself (yes I was bored one day)
Anywayyyyy, Google delieverd the blow that my ingenious crocodile fact was in fact a fallocy … not true… a fabrication… a down right dirty stinking lie! …WTF !!
I felt violated.
Equally as violated as the time in my year 7 RE lesson when we were told that Adam and Eve, was in fact, a story!
A story I’d based the whole existance of human life on … a bloody story … (I’m still scarred as you can tell haha).
Now this all got me thinking (you can probably smell the smoke from there)
How many times have you been told something by a ‘qualified professional’ ? Seen something on a website? Facebook? An instagram meme? Read something in a magazine?
 … and not even questioned it.
Maybe you’ve subcounsciously saved it for the brain bank…
Maybe you’ve even regurgitated this information to your equally as health conscious friends with the same crocodile-esque enthusiasm as me?
So here’s the thing, I hear facts like this ALL the time about nutrition and training… and I mean ALL the time… from clients, magazines, health shows… even other trainers, believe it or not.
The next time you hear something, research it, question it… don’t be a sheep and go along with the crowd.
In my 14 day TooHottie guide over at www.toohottie.co.uk , I’m banishing myths, starting basic and cutting the crap.
It’s about finding out what works for you as an individual, we’re a nation that’s time poor, the fattest and unhealthiest we’ve ever been due to misinformation from people we assume we can trust.
There’s alot of bullshit out there, so when you’re looking for a trainer, look for someone who’s methods you believe in! Ask them WHY they’ve given you a particular plan and make sure it works for you!
Because you never know, you could just be being fed crocodile-esque bullshit.
Char ‘The croc fraud’ De Curtis xx