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Straight talking, brutally honest coaching to enhance your audience’s experience. 

Charlotte De Curtis (AKA) Lottie Too Hottie, is an international, and award winning, personal trainer & eating psychology coach who is on a mission to help knackered mums take back control of their lives, their self worth and their eating so they never have to diet again, and instead, have the confidence to live a full up life, feeling like the Hottie they deserve.

As a former serial dieter and self saboteur, Lottie noticed that the facade of death by burpees, miserable detox shakes and Slimming Clubs were actually leaving most women (including herself)  worse off than when they started. As were the instagram influencers dishing out convoluted advice without any understanding of what it’s ACTUALLY like for busy mums like her and her clients.

She wanted to create a simple way, without all the crazy contradictory rules, that empowered women to take back control in a way that worked from them, without constantly comparing themselves to other women, worrying whether they should or shouldn’t be eating things or missing out on life because of the way they felt about their bodies.

A background in overcoming obstacles and her own struggles with post natal depression and anxiety have moulded her to become a straight talking coach, who is never afraid to go against the grain as a bonafide and outspoken truth teller.

Not only has she been recognised by Deborah Meaden (Of Dragon’s Den notoriety) as a thought leader in her field, winning her acclaimed Business Accelerator award;

Lottie has also recently featured on BBC Radio, in The Metro and has spoken as a featured expert at Womanifest (One of biggest female empowerment events in the UK). 

When she’s not coaching clients, or rocking speaking gigs, she can be found spending time with her two young sons, her Chocolate Labrador and her pet Lizard Nacho.. Occasionally watching re-runs of classic 80’s movies and most days belting out some old school Whitney on the school run.

Keynote, Interview & Article topics

  • Your kids should come first (and other lies)
  • Inner Bitch: How to turn your vicious inner critic in to your BFF
  • How to finally give up yoyo dieting to live a full up life, on your own terms.
  • What I learnt from losing 4 stone and entering a bikini show 4 months after giving birth.
  •  Eating clean (The dirty truth).
  • Exercise addiction: The ugly truth of washboard abs and laxative abuse.
  • Overcoming post natal depression and anxiety.
  • The perils of becoming a Stepford – Wife – Mum – Bot (A memoir)
  • Why body confidence is an inside job.
  • Motivation doesn’t exist: Building yourself up in times of adversity. The secrets of getting (and keeping) your shizzle together, in life and business.

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