Lookin’ At Your Sleepy B!tch?




Do you ever have those mornings?

Ya know, where your alarm doesn’t go off…

(Because you totes forgot to set it amidst falling asleep watching re runs of Friends on Netflix in bed?)

So you roll out of bed, resembling Back To The Future’s Doc Brown, in all his crazy hair and dazed eccentric glory as you screech the names  of your kids, who are also still sound asleep..

Run round the house like a bat shit crazy person in your dressing gown and 1 slipper trying to organise uniforms/ breakfast/ lunch for work..

You’re half way to the car feeling like total Mum Of The Year, as you launch Belvita Breakfast Biscuits in the direction of your kids, taken from your emergency stash… For emergencies just like this one, which are becoming more and more common.

You land at school just in time (PHEW) as you hurry your kids out of the car then get to work in a total daze of panic, only to realise that in the madness you forgot your lunch, you’re not mentally prepared for your meeting and haven’t arranged anyone to walk the dog so he’s deffo gunna have shat on the floor by the time you rush home at lunch to walk him.

All day you find shit going wrong and the notion of your diet (ya know the one that’s gunna bring about the fabulous ‘new you’)

The one that was absolutely 100% starting Monday?


Vending machine it is.

From start to finish you’ve had a pretty shit day, you get home and run round after everyone else (standard), which in turn finds you being short tempered with your husband and kids because you’re stress levels are through the roof by this point… and you’re bloody knackered, by all standards.

You take the kids to activities, make tea, put kids to bed, clean up .. blah blah..

Finally, you sit down to scroll Facebook, only to be met with a vomit fest status update from your favourite Mum Of The Year, you know the one…

Perfect kids.
Perfect husband.
Probs got a perfectly waxed fanny and a bleached arsehole.

…and how she set her kids up for the day with a nutritious breakfast of salmon and eggs so that they have enough brain energy (equipped with staged picture of said salmon)

Suddenly, you’re hit with a pang of guilt about the Belvita Biscuits from this morning..

Then it hits you..

F*ck it.
Only one thing can solve this.

Suddenly you stand up off the sofa and proceed to stride out of the living room as your Inner Bitch proclaims with utter conviction..

“Wine it is!!”


Here’s the thing..

Your day can either happen FOR you or TO you.

And, unless you’re the perfectly waxed fanny and bleached arsehole type, I’m guessing you can recall a time when your day happened TO you – with everything feeling totally out of your control and all going to shit from start to finish…

Totally against what you actually want.
Totally against what you’re trying to achieve.

Rather than your day happening FOR you, where you have clarity and action.

Now, A LOT of the women I speak to are struggling to make any progress because they are consumed day in-day-out with things happening TO THEM and not FOR THEM.

So, I help these women on the road to be happy and healthy in a body they rock , on their own terms, by looking at 5 different principles…

One of them I’m gunna share with your now, Home Girl..

And it’s called Sleep Hygiene.

(Or ‘Sleepy Bitch’ as I like to call it on my Inner Bitch Mindset module)

See, Sleepy Bitch ain’t just about the sleep itself, it’s about setting yourself up at night so you can win the next day..

And this teamed with my ‘Morning B!tch’ principle, allows my clients to get clarity and concise action by making small, stress free, changes.

Might tell ya about ‘Morning B!tch’ some time too but for now here’s three things to make your own Sleepy B!tch work, so that your own day happens FOR you and not To you..

Sleepy B!tch takes a big role in your day by allowing you to fall asleep like clock work, wind down easily, de stress and enjoy your evening having had a day that happened FOR you with clarity and control. It allows you a refreshing deep night’s sleep and in turn balances your hormones.

These are just three of the concepts you can try yourself that I teach to my clients…

  1. Leave your phone in the bathroom

    You ever do that thing where you wake up in the night then just ‘check your phone just because it’s there?
    Then before you know it you’re watching a video of a cat who can play the ukulele, you’re wide awake and there’s no getting back to sleep.

For my clients who have this issue, I invite them to try leaving their phone in the bathroom or on the landing at bed time, rather than having it near their bed.
This way you can still hear your alarm and there ain’t no snoozin’ because you have to physically get out of bed to turn it off.
It’s also more unlikely you’re going to disturb your sleep to the point of wide awake club via ukulele cat videos. Chances are you’ll be able to fall back asleep, more or less straight away by avoiding the over stimulation, thus giving you a decent sleep.

  1. Make your bedroom a place JUST for sleeping

    OK and bonking… let’s just say bedroom activities instead shall we?

Your brain and body are a funny thing and they like an environment that has unconscious familiarity.

If I put you in a gym a gym- what do you think you’re gunna do?
If I put you in a classroom- what do you think you’re gunna do?
If I put you in kitchen – what do you do?

I’m gunna assume your answers to the above were exercise, learn and cook?

So when you’re in your bedroom, what do you do?

Watch TV? Work on your laptop?

Ya see where I’m going with this?

If sleep is something you struggle with I’m inviting you to try to make your bedroom a place where you just SLEEP.

Ok, so I get you probs get changed in there in a morning, but in the evening, your bedroom is for sleeping and bonking from now on, OK?

So that your body and brain has that unconscious trigger of ‘Ok, I’m in my bedroom now, this is where I sleep’.

Effective ways of doing this are sleeping in a tidy environment, having a scent to your bedroom (like lavender- something different to the rest of your house- which, again gives that trigger of bedroom = bed time = time to sleep zzzz ) and turning  off all electricals in your bedroom to rid of electronic smog.

  1. Set a bed time.

    I used to be a nightmare for working weird hours and staying up till 2am some nights to get things done and it would really effect the following day when it came to my day  happening TO me, not FOR  me’. This was purely because my sleep patterns were all over the bloody place.

The thing is, your body and brain LOVE patterns and habits so setting a bed time, just like you would for your kids, allows you to get a body clock sync and create a norm where you’re body will naturally start to feel tired.

If you can switch off at a certain time of day not only will it make you more productive with the time you’ve got but will ensure you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on your day.

So there ya have it, if sleeps something your struggling with and you feel you’re day is often happening TO you and not FOR you… It’s worth exploring your Sleepy B!tch first.

Would love to know how you get on or anything else you’re struggling with, so feel free to hit me an email back or if ya wanna chat my Breakthrough Appointments are open to book until the end of the month

Lotsa Love,

Lottie ‘Sleepy Bitch’ Too Hottie xx

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