Lessons from Brad Pitt & Why You’re still sat on the Pitty Potty

Have you ever see the film Fight Club ?
If you haven’t.. you’re massively missing out on Brad Pitt in his prime
(Pre the scratty beard and hobo chic long hair, obviously)
Anyway, there’s a quote in the film delivered by the Man God that is Brad Pitt, as the character Tyler Duerden, which goes like this…

“Listen up, maggots. You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You’re the same decaying organic matter as everyone else”

And until you accept that right there, I can guarantee you are going to go round in circles doing the same shit you’ve always done at the same diet groups you’ve always been to, listening to the same bullshit you always have

… And STILL expecting a different result.

Bullshitting yourself in to thinking your the unique widdle snowflake that is different to everyone else.

Harsh? .. Maybe

And for most people that’s hard to comprehend.

Over the last two days I’ve told you about two clients with
EXACTLY the same goal.
EXACT same situation (long busy hours, no kids, lived with partner)
Given EXACTLY the same tools, time attention and resources.
One smashed it (Hate that – typical PT phrase – meh)…
The other failed. Miserably
Because she refused to let go of her victim, ‘poor little me’ story.
Here’s the thing
Shit isn’t easy for ANYONE…
But it’s all about mindset and perspective.
You think you’ve got it hard?
These are two of my clients who I worked with last year who smashed (again -MEH!) my SOS programme recently.
A full time working mum who scraped together cash to join the programme after trying everything, with 4 kids, one of which is a daughter who has Aspergers (Clinically Diagnosed) … The same daughter who had an unsuccessful suicide attempt mid SOS.
A teacher embarking on a career change after a recent messy breakup, with a tumour on her Pituaitary gland which lead to some major thyroid issues. Resulting in a massive hormonal imbalance, which basically meant that her body was a good 60% less likely to lose fat effectively.
… but guess what
… Both fucking annihilated it, both surpassed the goals we set together at their initial consultations.
… Yep we, together, had to make some drastic changes mid programme and even have a bit of a ‘crisis’ meeting but they both did it.
And ya know why?
Mindset, baby.
So yesterday when I told you I wasn’t willing to listen to Little Miss Voldemort’s bullshit?
This is why…
If you’re stuck in the same vicious cycle of bullshit and unwilling to let it go
… It’s just so hard for me
… I need more help than anyone else
… Pass me the pity potty
You’ll never let go of this mentality and these stories.

Until you do, I can guarentee you’re going to be in the exact same position.

How do I know this?

Because I’ve done it myself

Everytime I think back to a time when I feel like I’ve failed…
Everytime I feel I haven’t achieved what I’ve set out to do…
Everytime I haven’t put in the work…
Everytime I’ve procrastinated…

I’ve sedated myself with stories and excuses…

Blamed other people
Sat on the Pitty PottyBut when I look back to my old story…The reality has always been that I am responsible for my own shitWhy?

Because the reality is…

I’m not special, I’m not a beautiful or unique snowflake, I’m the same decaying organic matter as everyone else…

And I’m responsible for my own actions.

And if you genuinely want to write a new story you need to realize this

… Just like I did

Love Char xx

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P.P.S If you’re not willing to leave your pre conceived ideas at the door, it ain’t for you.