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21 day LBD revamp

Works dos, girlie get togethers, family parties and the all important NYE shindig. That’s right, party season is almost upon us and looking HOT in your LBD is an absolute must! But, what’s this? A post-holiday pot belly has appeared out of nowhere – ahhhh! Those few weeks of extended eating and drinking finally took their toll and you’re now in mad panic about how you’re ever going to get back in your fav little number.

Listen, I’ve been there..

The summer is long gone, holidays are over and the comfort eating creeps back in. But then that ’12 Friday’s until Christmas!’ meme pops up on your Facebook feed and you’re all like…Waaaaaaaa! How is it nearly Christmas and I have to go out, get dressed up and have my picture taken next to the new ‘hot young thing’ from the office… (with a mouth full of crisps, soon to be swilled down with a swig of wine).

So a few weeks pass, as you try and get ‘back on it’ but your mojo’s done a runner and you know you need to get started but you’re annoyed that you’ve gained back the pounds you worked so hard to trim off at Summer.

You’re over whelmed and getting increasingly frustrated that ya wanna be back to your sassy and confident LBD Clad self now

So ya reach for the ‘Akai berry Detox’ … ‘5:2 diet of horrendousness’ … ‘Drink your own piddle cleanse’

For a whole three days.

Only to spiral ya self further in to the dark abyss of guilt, frustration and a floor length floaty number in place of your thigh-skimming body con.

That’s why I put together this revamp as a 21 Day intensive programme to give those who need it, a SERIOUS kick up the butt. It strips down nutrition and training to nothing but fast, effective ninja tactics, tasty wholesome food and THE most effective training methods that pack a serious punch, in a short space of time, with the exact ‘bang for buck’ blue print for rapid and effective fatloss.

Strictly no Bull****

It’s a 21 day kickstart to fast track results.

If you follow the programme under my guidance it’s a total fail safe no brainer…

But guess what?

ya dont put the work in? …. Do I need to really spell out for you that youre gunna stay the same?

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What’s included?

  • Pre Kick Start consultancy pack to give you a direct start with individual short term goals and mini mindset coaching to get your head back in the game so you’re ready and raring to get stuck in
  • 21 Day Accountability coaching with a group of like minded gals, so that you’re not going it alone, allowing you to take out the guess work and STAY on track throughout the full 21 days by being answerable to yours truly (ahem, that’s me)
  • Live (and recorded) tele-class workouts you can do from absolutely anywhere. Including almost unknown cardio hacks that I share with my PT clients that allow you to workout in less time whilst supercharging your body’s fat burning potential even hours after you’ve finished your workout.
  • Fully inclusive and stress free maintenance plan to avoid an impending ‘What Now’ moment. Keep the results you’ve achieved and FINALLY get to the bottom of where you’ve been going wrong in the past.
  • A full menu (with recipes) of taste tested, rapid results meals, all made with specifically chosen foods to boost your metabolism, increase your energy levels and supplement your training to deliver a jaw dropping, bikini worthy body in a short space of time.
  • 21 day set meal plan and calendar equipped with matching recipe cards to take the entire guess work and stress out of planning and cooking your meals – ’cause lets face it, it’s a (metaphorical) ball ache and it’s so easy to get wrong when you don’t know how.
  • A printable weekly shopping list with cost estimate so that you can avoid wasting money on unneccessary extras. Taking the guess work out of ingredients and meal ideas, not to mention the time saved traipsing aimlessly round the supermarket, wondering what’s ‘good’ for you and whats not.
  • Your own meal planning template giving you the freedom to swap and change meals which makes it easy to get the whole family involved, thus reducing the washing up pile – winner
  • Secret facebook group of like minded, and equally as awesome, women who are on the same path as you. You can share tips, moans (cause no doubt there will be some) and have 24/7 access to training plans and programme materials for the full 21 days.
  • Daily access to a qualified nutritionist (ahem – that’s me) to answer any questions, queries and to keep you from falling off the wagon. Teaching you the Real raw truth on fast, effective fatloss and how to achieve it SAFELY for rapid results.
  • Live videos revealing how to CRUSH your ‘Inner Bitch’ mindset which is something I only usually reveal to my  VIP SOS gals.. until now
  • I REVEAL how to KEEP the results you achieve and to avoid that ‘What Now’ moment that comes with most quick fix bullsh** shake programmes, so that following your 21 days you’re well and truly stayin’ on the wagon. Plus 2 top secret bonus resources that I use with my 1-2-1 high end clients – yours to keep even after your 21 days.


Will this work for me?
The programme only “works” if you DO the work.I’m here to guide and support you throughout the entire process BUT it’s your journey to own, you are responsible for yourself and your commitment levels. The Kick Start results and the changes in the ladies that have been through this are as amazing as they are varied, depending on your starting point and how much you are willing to ‘give’ to the 21days.

Why is it different – why is it not just ‘another’ quick fix
So.. the thing with most quick fix formulas, like the shakes and the juices, the detoxes and the cleanses, the eat dust diets…
Is that you are often left in the dark to ‘go it alone’ following the advice of someone who is trying to sell a particular product for commission, with no actual background of diet and training knowledge and no sign of actually ever having coached ANYONE prior to selling said product. Not to mention, once it’s over, you’re left with a ‘what now’ moment when it comes to eating ACTUAL food again, only to be once more left in the dark and piling back the lbs.

Like I always say, if Barbara from accounts, rocks up at work one day professing she’s become a ‘well being rep’ over night, and tries to flog you a shake.. it’s probably shit .. not offence Babs.
Now, I don’t think of Kick Start as a ‘quick fix’ although we do try and get maximum results within the 21 days as possible for each lady in KS BUT that’s all managed with tried and tested techniques in a controlled environment of like minded ladies, a tonne of resources for you to utilise and step by step coaching. All under the guidance of a fully qualified trainer, nutritionist and mind set coach with over 10 years experience of coaching… all at your finger tips to guide you through the process, and beyond, so you’re not left in a ‘what now’ moment after your 21 days is up.

Do I have time for this?
I understand you are a busy bunch but if you can commit to just 4 minutes every day (Yep just 4 minutes) then this programme can give you a kick ass Kick Start.

I already exercise, will this effect my current routine?
No, I’ve crafted Kick Start to compliment any training that you might already do. So if you go to classes, attend the gym, or enjoy other activities you can 100% supplement your training with Kick Start and would deffo advise that you carry on doing so.