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I hate what I saw in the mirror – hated felling the way that I felt about myself. For a while I was trying to understand there is more to life than constantly feeling like I did but found it so hard to get out of this way of thinking and feeling.

I was overweight at the age of 18 and lost 5 stone and felt good for my wedding in 2009 – maintained my goal weight and lived the life of good Monday – Friday then treat at a weekend.

However since having my daughter nearly 6 years ago I just could not get my weight off. I had a C-section and my overhang is definitely more prominent than it was before having my daughter. I’ve suffered from Anxiety and Depression for the past 5 years and feed my low mood with food, bringing on guilt of what I’ve just done and feeling even worse then causing my bowel disease to flare up, making me feel worse – a vicious circle. I’ve tried every possible diet/mechanism and just couldn’t seem to get the result I wanted.

Seeing and reading an email from Charlotte regarding a client who had had a baby/section and hearing that she works closely with these kind of women. They say sometimes you just get a feeling and I did. I felt this is the woman who will help me feel good again.

Before hand I feared it would all be too restrictive but it was something I would commit to, because I saw the results she got for clients and read the reviews of her past clients.

I also feared I would fail and let us both down , because it’s all I had done so far.

Charlotte is one of the most real and caring women I have ever met – she genuinely cares. It’s nothing like I expected, there are no restrictions with food or life.. it’s all about living your life but being aware and accountable for what you do.

She is at the other end of the phone (every day in my case) and she really has been there for me. I have had to have a real word with myself that the way I have felt and the way I want to feel WILL NOT happen over night and she reminds me of that. It’s changing a huge habit and that takes time. The advise she gives is honest, real and genuinely helps you to rethink things through rationally. For what I have been through these past 5 years with depression/body and weight issues I feel Charlotte has lived it with me with the talks/advice she gives me. This has genuinely changed my life and the way I think and feel about myself.

I’ve learned to stop punishing myself for having a ‘bad’ day, it’s one day, we are human AND I’m not on my own. If I have a craving, have what I crave within reason and get on with my day – don’t punish myself. Every time I feel a specific way (that before I would have over thought) Charlotte pops into my head and I think ‘what would she think/do/say’ and this, on it’s own, is a huge result for me.

I used to (and still do sometimes) fear that a bad day is day where my depression has dipped and I fear I’m going back into a low place. This scares me and this is when I find myself eating things I shouldn’t, not exercising etc and its a rollercoaster. However Charlotte has taught me (in a nice way) to not overthink this. Every single person has bad days, its natural, so don’t think negative, it’s one day and tomorrow is a new day. If I have had one of these days, I have text Charlotte and she has gone through numerous though processes to rationalise it and it really does help. Something so simple but it’s having her there to help me re-programme my mind into this way of thinking.

To anyone in two minds about taking the leap and applying to work with Charlotte, with all my heart, this is the best decision I have ever made (and I have spent a lot of money on everything possible to lose weight) I truly feel this is going to be a life changing year for me. It may seem a little pricey but I turned it around that the money I spent on going out socialising, eating, etc – spend it on this, if I truly wanted to help myself, with being unhappy. Its investing in yourself and your wellbeing and you cannot put a price on that

Don’t go in half heartedly, Charlotte puts so much time, effort and love into all her clients – don’t waste her time.

With the nasty and bullying society that we live in, images on social media of how you ‘should look’ when the images aren’t even real – it’s so nice to have someone training and guiding you who is a real, genuine woman who wants to help you feel how you want to feel and not how you feel you “should” feel. She sees you for who you really are and helps you to begin to love yourself and that means more than anything to me.

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