I dont HATE Slimming World.. I’m a changed woman (And NO, I’m not drunk)

Now, I feel I have a duty to clear this up.

I will say this once and once only.. And I’ll say it loud AF for the people in the back.

Contrary to popular belief…

I DON’T HATE Slimming World.

^^^ Read that again.

And here’s the exact reason why…

The colour beige.
Slightly overcast days.
Unflavoured Porridge.
Polo shirts… tucked in.

Those are other average, annoying and unnecessary things that I put up with.

I mean HATE is such a strong word isn’t it? A word that should be reserved only for really REALLY bad things..

Like Joseph Fritzel …

And those knob heads who correct other people’s grammar in Facebook comments.

But when it comes to Slimming World? I don’t HATE it.
Quite the contrary actually.

I just simply just don’t believe in.

I don’t believe in patronising.. ahem.. I mean ‘rewarding’ a grown ass woman with a certificate to stick on her fridge for taking up less space in the world.

I don’t believe in the negative connotation and demonising of foods or the disguised purge and binge of syn plates.

I don’t believe in the blind leading the blind and the lack of nutritional knowledge from the SW rep.. I don’t care how lovely your rep is, the fact is she/he (or other gender neutral pronouns of your choice) has been brought through the system of Slimming World to SELL you more Slimming World.

What happens when Slimming World doesn’t work??
“Tough Shit. Do more Slimming World”

I don’t believe in coercing women into the illusion that if you JUST follow these nonsensical, made up and convoluted rules that have no scientific backing and make no nutritional sense because they’ve been put together by a marketing team to make sure you always have to go back for more… under the illusion that if you can JUST get to your target weight you’ll never struggle again… *eye roll*

I don’t believe in the group drama triangle of on plan- off plan and the desperate confusion of “Well Barbara had a curry on Saturday night and still lost 3 lbs whilst I’ve been ‘on plan’ all week and done everything that’s ‘allowed’ but not lost any”.

Chastising a menial 1lb weight gain at your public weigh in..

Then the “Why do you think this has happened this week, Maureen?” that follows from your well meaning rep.

I mean it’s not the end of the world. Maybe Maureen needs a poo? Maybe she’s due on? There are a million other reasons why maureen has put on 1 lb

The blame culture of well you’re obviously not doing it right because other people are losing weight.
You are the problem. Not the made up rules that don’t make any nutritional sense.

The concept of ‘Body Magic’… Body. Magic. I mean last time I checked, you weren’t a 5 year old.

AND, not to mention, is there anything more soul destroying than seeing a grown woman rabidly scraping every last dreg from the bottom of a Muller Light?

It’s Muller, Hun. Not Cocaine.


A grown women in the midst of an X-Factor sob story to justify the fact that she ravaged a Donner Kebab at the weekend.

Now before anyone tries to get fancy, which I’m more than happy to discuss with you btw…

If Slimming World ‘worked’ for you.. Cool.

But being left with a skewed view of food, exercise and mindset isn’t my definition of ‘worked’ and that’s not gunna change.

Please don’t be under the illusion that you represent a shit ton of other women who it didn’t and hasn’t worked for, who are left in a worse position than when they started.

How do I know this?? Because I work with them every frikkin day.

Women who struggle with disordered eating as a result and have some horrendously warped beliefs about food and themselves as a result.

Women who are petrified of eating certain foods or enjoying some cinema treats with their kids, for example.

Who unknowingly pass on this severe lack of self worth on to their kids because they have made SW their ‘norm’. It’s not a norm. It’s heart breaking.

Women who have been on a ‘diet’ or ‘to and from’ Slimming World for years in on going “on the wagon- off the wagon” attempts.

Now, if ya wanna misconstrue what I’m saying.. cool.

BUT this isn’t a judgement. This is a DIRECT observation from working with women for more than 10 years.. Women who have been well and truly chewed up and spat out by multi million pound companies who know that these women are desperate to feel good about their bodies.

And I don’t believe in it.

However, here’s what I DO believe in…

I believe in empowering women to reserve their YES’s for the shit that matters. To live their lives without being petrified of food, to learn to LOVE their bodies and own their shit, flaws and all.

To not be held hostage by other people’s rules but to create your own by living your life not bound to log everything that goes in your mouth on a fucking dedicated Instagram account to a bunch of strangers. I mean, imagine spending that time doing all the stuff that you love doing instead? Spend the time with your kids. With actual REAL LIFE people.

To write your own rules.

Now here’s the thing. If you don’t agree with me, I mean this is the nicest possible way, but I don’t give a fuck.

I am not your mum.

I am not responsible for you and I am happy for you to make your own executive life decisions whilst counting every last syn and obsessing over the elusive mashed vs unmashed banana conundrum.

I mean, you can either choose to take offence or choose to open up to other possibilities 🤷🏼‍♀️

You don’t have to agree with me because you can do your thang.. and me and my clients will do OUR thang.

However, if you’re ready to go against the grain and finally re write your own rules in a way that works for you..

You can fill in a Breakthrough Application here and we’ll chat…

If not enjoy your synning, Huns 🤷🏼‍♀️

Lorra Love x

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