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Calling all Hot Mamas!

So, you’ve spent the last nine months cooking up your little bundle of joy; you’ve survived the birth, the hormones, the cankles! You should feel on top of the world, but you just don’t feel like you, right?

Your body has changed, you’re not straight back in your fave jeans like that jammy cow Kate Middleton led you to believe. So, you feel stuck, knackered and you’re giving yourself a hard time every time you look in the mirror. Don’t! Relax. Remember, you just made a mini human and it’s kind of a big deal.

Maybe you ‘ate for two’ a little more than you should or perhaps you didn’t move quite as much as you did before you saw that little cross on the pregnancy test. Maybe you did everything ‘right’ but you’re just still not feelin’ it.

– Either way, whatever your situation is, you’re not alone.

One way or another you will feel like nine months has taken its toll on your body in ways only you can describe, and that you’re totally not channeling those pre-pregnancy feels you once had.

Don’t despair!

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Why work with me?

I get that you want to find balance in a world that’s totally new to you so that you can be happy and healthy in a body you rock.

I get that you can’t even begin to imagine life without your new Bubs but you feel desperate for something for you (And FYI there’s absolutely no shame in that)

I get that despite your friends telling you that you look well for a new Mama and your other half saying he loves you as you are, you’re desperate to feel sexy again.

I get it.

But I have to warn you…
I’m not your conventional personal trainer. I don’t do gimmicks. I Just offer no nonsense advice without the fluff to help you to solve your problem- whatever that is to you.

Not scared you so far? Here’s what we’ll be doing together
I take my Hot Mamas through a journey that focuses on quick, easy and wholesome nutrition and training sessions that are specifically tailored to sculpt a post partum body; and what I feel is the most important element for my Hot mamas, exploring your post baby mindset and making it work for you, not against you.

Want to know what we’re gunna do together?

Change Your Story

Yep, you know the one. The same old bullsh** story you keep telling yourself, about yourself, as to why you ‘can’t’ change. How you don’t have time, have kids, a job

.. not to mention the guilt that’s attached to putting yourself first.

Kick Your Habits

Because as human beings, we’re creatures of habit. Habit makes us comfortable, safe and secure, because we’ve done it time and time again and we know the outcome- it’s cosy…

It’s about getting out of your comfort zone and STAYING there, which is exactly what I teach.

Embrace The Process

I help you to help yourself. That’s what I do. I’ll give you the exact tools to utilise and commit to the process. We work together on strategies that work for YOU to make changes, as simple and stress free as possible so that, you’re not feeling like you’re missing out on life, time with your kids or eating a diet of dust.

Rediscover your mojo by signing up to my FREE no nonsense, yet hilarious, 7 Days to A Too Hottie YOU, straight to your mail box

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So, what I’m sayin’ is this my friend…

.. If you know you want to change
.. If you feel ready to put in the work to make those changes
.. If you want to have fun on your journey

Maybe.. just maybe… I’m the one who can razzle ya dazzle and give ya back ya mojo.

Still interested?

Great. What’s next? Click this link and you’ll be directed to my application form. Please give me as much detail as you can, it helps me get a better idea of what you are looking to achieve. Once I’ve looked over your form, I’ll get in touch to discuss next steps.

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