The Good, the bad & the Midget Trees

So unless you’ve been living under a Rock you’ve probs heard of Joe Wicks (AKA The Body Coach)

Personable, down to earth Cockney Geeza who talks about midget trees, sad steps and shouts  BOSH whilst throwin’ shit in to his microwave..

Now, recently some facebook guru has ‘called out’ one his meals to have
‘620 more calories and FIVE TIMES more fat than a KFC meal’

Dum dum duuuuuummmm

I mean How. Fucking. Dare. He

Let’s get out our pitch forks and start a Shrek-Esque man hunt, we need to hunt this villain out and bring down this Health Empire of the curly haired, SMOOTH abdominal CRIMINAL who is conning the people in to eating well and looking after their bodies.

Appealing to the masses.

Encouraging people to cook!

Making shit simple so that people who’ve struggled for years can actually follow and have success with single ingredient, wholesome foods.

How. Dare. He

And obviously this outrage was followed by the obligatory tirade of Facebook warriors in the comments…

“This one time I ate one of Joe Wick’s meals and got food poisoning and died.. and had to be brought back to life… twice”


But lets face it there’s always gunna be some knob head who tries their best to ‘out’ you on social media.

(Like someone tried to do with me a few weeks ago about the supposedly ‘fake, money grabbing’ application process of my SOS programme)

And it’s usually someone you’ve never met, nor ever worked with in any capacity, who has taken one small piece of information they’ve read and got their little knicks in a twist, completely out of context.

^^^ But that’s a story for a few days time

Just when the story was gerrin’ juicy… This Gal loves a cliff hanger


Anyway there’s two things ya can take away from this so far on ya own Killer Curve, Fatloss mission

  1. All calories aren’t  (ARE NOT) created equal..
  2. Even ‘Good fats’ aren’t always what you might deem ‘good for you’ (whatever that is) particulary if you’re on a ‘fat loss mission’.

Ya see your calories are the MAIN thing that are responsible for fatloss.

And as much as I’m a Joe Wicks fan, for all of the aforementioned greatness.
His approach isn’t one that I tend to promote to my clients.

Why? A few reasons I’ll cover more on soon but here’s three to look out for, particularly if you’re ‘going it alone’ on your own killer curve, fat loss journey of amazingnes

1. Good fats are great YAY! But they are also very calorie dense, you change your diet to increase your fats because How Wicks says so and it’s the ‘done thing?’ Make sure your mindful of the amount of good fats your eating as this can see a surge in calories and may not be conducive to your fat loss goals.

2. Cycling carbs around your actual training session can be a great tool for the right person BUT this is a very individual process that doesn’t work for everyone. For example I have clients who train early morning and work so much better having a carb heavy meal the night before, so they’re ready and fired up ready to take on the day, for example.

The whole process is very individual, and with more than ten years of coaching I’m a massive believer that your eating habits should work around YOU, not the other way round.

When it comes to fatloss..

Energy in vs energy out. SIMPLE.

If you’re on a fat loss mission and you aren’t eating less calories then you burn and creating an energy deficit, you can eat all the green- leafy veg in the world..


If you are over eating… You are over eating

Whether its green leafy veg… or mars bars.

If you don’t have an energy deficit … No fatloss for you.


And this is something I work on getting across to my 1-2-1 clients who have been on ‘diets’ or been on and off to slimming groups for years and still seen no difference. The gals who are looking to lose fat and gain curves, for good but still, after years, feel like they don’t know their arse from their elbow.

Now, when ya think about it, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realise that a KFC meal is lacking in nutrition compared to a recipe made up of nutrient dense, single ingredient foods, like those you can find in Joe Wick’s lean in 15 and my own ‘Fake Aways’ recipe ebook that I gift to my clients …

But the BIGGEST thing is this, Honey Bunny…

One meal ain’t gunna make or break what your trying to achieve, it’s consistency throughout the day.. throughout the week… that’s gunna make the BIG changes..

So ya ate a protein based breakfast then wonder why you’re not losing weight … if this is you take a good, hard look at the rest of your days and your weekend …

Just because you’re ‘good’ all week, doesn’t mean you can’t totally undo it all on a weekend with a few bottles of vino, Hun..

Just like ONE good habit aint gunna suddenly turn you in to Megan Fox..

Maybe it’s time to take a Real, Raw, Relevant HONEST look what’s going on with your current situation … which is exactly what I’ll be doing with the girls who are booked in for Breakthrough Appointments with me next week.

Ready for when my client books open again in September.

Now, with my clients that I work with one – to – one we don’t look at foods as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and I always promote a HEALTHY relationship with food and it’s something we work on alot to improve mindset and the fear and guilt attached to food, which is a common view with the majority of the women I work with, after years of bloody slimming group and diet shakes.

If this is you and you feel like you’re at the point where you need some help, the doors to my 1-2-1 coaching are opening again in September and Breakthrough Appointments are open now ready for the gals who are ready to take action to have a Kick Ass start in September.

If you’re ready you can email me here to get the ball rolling..

Or ya can keep moaning that them Midget Trees are making you fat..

S’upp to you, princess

Love Lottie ‘Can we just go back to calling it brocooli ffs’ Too Hottie xxx