Fem Fresh & Weight Watchers



So, recently I made a purchase.
Something I’d never even considered buying before.

In fact I didn’t even know such a thing existed..

But alas..
Here we are…
And I can announce..


And clear

And proud

That I am now the owner of a can of Fem Fresh..  


I promise I’ll expand on this in a sec but before I continue, I’d like to just point out that I don’t consider myself to be deodorantly challenged in the Dawson’s Creek department, if ya know what I’m sayin’ Hun.

However, After a conversation with one of my girl friends, who uses lemony scented Fem Fresh before a night out in case she ‘gets lucky’,  I found myself with a bizarre and over whelming envy…

lemony vagina envy.

(Not something I’ve experienced before)

And upon this revelation, I wasn’t going to stop until I got one’a my own…
(Apparently lemon is in demand so I had to settle for peach)


But anywayyyy,

The whole thing reminded me of when we all went through a phase of wearing Rockport boots as school shoes.


Yep that actually happened.


I mean, who’s f*cking idea was that?

I used to think it was Peer Pressure
BUT isn’t it more about Peer Belonging?

Feeling like you belong somewhere?

Whether that’s wearing Rockports and knee socks with a box pleated knee length skirt (eye roll)

Or feeling the need to join Slimming World (and such like) time and time again because isn’t that what everyone’s doing? Isn’t that the done thing? Isn’t it like some weird comfort blanket? Even when it doesn’t work for you?


Like me with my lemony vagina envy..

the premise being.. Well, other people are doing it so I don’t care if I look like a total knob head in my Rockies, box pleated skirt and knee length socks.

I mean it’s true is it not?

If other sheeple, ahem, I mean.. PEOPLE.. Are all doin’ it.

If it’s the done thing..

Then don’t you have to follow the crowd?

But aren’t we often deflated with the results?
With the reality of it?

I know a peachy vag deffo wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

See, my very own Fem fresh fiasco reminds me of the the women that I speak to every day who are relentlessly chasing their weight on a scale, on a plan they don’t like, doing exercise they don’t enjoy, in a group that’s nothing but a drama triangle which promotes the sheeple mentality of the blind leading the blind..

Just today I spoke to a woman who said this…

 “My Slimming World plan isn’t working, the meeting just kinda fills me with dread and I’m following all the rules but not seeing any difference”

I mean we do that don’t we?

Don’t we tend to flock where other people go because it’s the done thing?

Because our mates are doing it?

And if everyone else is doin’ it?!

Don’t we freak out?
Don’t we feel like we’re missing out?
Don’t we feel like we need to be a part of something? 

But lemme tell you, I’ve been a female focussed trainer for 13 years and I have never coached anyone who ever got anywhere by conforming and staying in their comfort zone.

The exact reason why I have a FULL female focussed coaching programme  that thrives on helping women to step out of bullshit diet culture and, dare I say, fall in mother-frikkin- LOVE with their bodies and them selves..

Not from a place of cutting out- cutting back – cutting down.
Not from a place of slaughtering yourself.

It’s done by rebelling.
By going against the grain.

By being a misfit. 

By saying NO. 
By being selfish, for the first time in a long time.

It’s about saying YES to all the shit you enjoy and LOVE with a reason to be proud of your damn self.

^^^ All of which I teach to my squad  of amazing clients.

So, I’ma leave you with this..

You can’t pour from an empty cup..

If it’s not serving you DITCH IT. 

There’s your permission. 

Love Lottie‘Peachy vag well overrated’ Too Hottie