Fatloss never Tasted So Good (Cringe)

Years ago I went through a phase of making this miracle Jesus Juice shake of wonder for my breakfast.

Equipped with a tonne of seeds, protein, good fats and

Healthy Shit
It went a bit like this..
Full fat milk
Peanut butter
Frozen berries
Whey protein powder
Chai SeedsAnd  then I’d sit in totally baffled and pissed off that I’d put ON weight….

Same as the chicks I see daily, who come & book in for help during a consultation with me.

Women just like you.

(Who I soon get on the straight and narrow)

I mean, isn’t everyone always telling us  to eat good fats and a balanced breakfast!?
Protein- yep
Fats- yep
Carbs- yep

So WTF!?!?

Now here’s the thing..

I get it.

I speak to frustrated women day in day out in my Breakthrough Appointments, and help them from the point of being totally baffled at the fact they’re doing ‘everything right’.

But here’s the issue…

Yeah, my shake of Breakfasty goodness had all the right stuff in.

AND tasted frikkin INSANE.
Like serious YUM

All the YUMS in fact

(To the point where I probs posted a picture of it with a cheesy hashtag of ‘Fatloss never tasted so good’)

Yep … I used to be THAT guy (Cringe)

And the reason it tasted


Is because it contained the whole entirety of the  calories

I should have been eating for the full day.

In. One. Frikkin. Meal

Now contrary to the misleading bullshit you’ve seen knocking about..

Calories DO Count.

And I can’t believe the amount of people who completely bypass this crucial element of fat loss.

If you’re over eating… you’re over eating.

If you’re not eating in the confines of your OWN calorie allowance, you are not gunna lose fat.


It’s literally the biggest and the simplest school girl error most chicks I see are making.

There’s no miracle wonder shake…

No magical food…
No dink your own piss detox tea …

That’s gunna melt off your body fat if you are STILL eating too many calories.

Now, as part of my Starter pack that I give out as part of my Breakthrough Appointment,

I work out the amount of calories you should be shooting at for effective fatloss (this is something that’s individual to each person)
as well as assessing bodyfat levels and a bunch of other cool shizzle to get you started on your OWN journey.

All strictly bullshit free


If ya want in..

Ya can check it out here

Or ya can keep cryin’ in to ya detox tea… Supp to you, Princess

Love Char ‘break down or breakthrough’ De Curtis