The day I Became A Pimp and My Crazy Diet

Have you ever noticed how people want you to do well
but just as long as you’re not doing  better than they are?
And think about it…
You’d never see Angelina Jolie like
 “Jesus, that Michelle from Corry’s shit at acting and she’s put some right timber on”
Why would Big Ange need to give a shit about Michelle from Corry?.
 Ya could argue that it’s jealousy right?
And maybe it is..
But speaking to one of my clients the other day who’s a self proclaimed ‘FFG’ (Former Fat Girl) she confessed that she previously scoffed at anyone who did exercise and ate well because she hated how she looked and couldn’t stop binging- even describing herself as disgusting – true story.
(‘Til I got my hands on her o’ course)
Speaks volumes, doesn’t it.
Its other people’s insecurities.
Being intimidated by others is a really sad place to be.
I have clients going through this at the moment.
Other’s trying to belittle their successes.
They’ve all worked their (newly pert) arses off
and are looking smokin’.
But some of ‘em are letting what I like to call
‘Bitch- fest Backlash’ (AKA ‘BFB’)
get to them.
But I’ve found a solution, other than my previous solution of
‘Tell them jealous bitches to kiss your pert ass’
(Yep stolen from Tyra Banks… kinda)
 But I’ll tell you about shortly…
Ya know the drill…
… I think you’re too skinny
… ‘We’ don’t think you’re eating enough
… I liked you better before when you were XYZ dress size
… You don’t need to do all that
… You’re obsessed
And my favourite ‘Oh yeah I heard you’re on that CRAZY diet’
Now ANYONE that’s worked with me KNOWS full well…
Put ANYONE on a ‘crazy diet’
You CAN NOT train effectively and achieve optimal body composition on a ‘crazy diet’.
The results my clients are getting CANNOT be done on a ‘crazy diet’
But clearly you’re an expert, right?
Thing is, all these comments really are IRRELEVANT.
They’re opinions from people who in reality
about what you’ve been doing…
As my mum poignantly pointed out a few weeks ago
‘A little bit of knowledge is dangerous’
Which is why so many people are ramming shit like raspberry ketones down their necks.
So hang on pal, what you’re trying to tell me is that you’re peaking though my window every meal time, assessing the food on my plate and calorie and nutrition content of my meals… Bit weird if you ask me.
Funny that you know my dress size better than I do when I can be a size in Topshop yet two sizes bigger in next.
How do you know what I do and don’t NEED to do? What if I want to do that? What if I ENJOY doing that?
Obsessed? Maybe I am by your standards but I’d rather be obsessed with taking care of myself than obsessed with binge drinking, take-aways and online bingo.
And since we’re on the subject of my face looking thin and insinuating that I look like I’m on crack
 … Well…
I think yo face is ain’t much to be desired full stop
… and waxing your tash wouldn’t go a miss either.
… Just saying
(FYI your cheeks are a natural fat store, your face is going to look thinner as soon as you start dropping bodyfat, for most people)
Anyway, ya know what they say … keep your nose out
Or how I prefer to eloquently phrase it …
… Mind your own fucking business
See I used to take this stuff personally, and here’s why..
These girls I work with
They’re accountable to ME
(Just me who thinks I sound like a pimp?)
and we get through this shit together.
Something’s not working?
We change it.
They work fucking hard ..
They make the changes I tell’em to.
They realise that it’s not about who they are when they start,
it’s about who they’ve got to become.
I try my hardest to repel the widdle princesses who aren’t gunna put the work in
(although some of ‘em slip through the net)
So that I’m left with women like these ones who TAKE ACTION on what I say.
But ‘taking other people’s opinions personally’ is a thang of the past for me.
And I massively advise you do this too, kinda sets ya free from their bullshit.
When my clients tell me about their ‘BFB’..
I just kinda shrug my shoulders and say…
“And what kinda shape is this person in?”
Then guess what? They answer their own question.
It’s like a light bulb moment for them…
Here’s how I see it…
You should genuinely feel a bit sorry for those who try to belittle what you’ve achieved because, when you think about it, they’re just trying to make themselves feel better about about their own shitty life..
Harsh but true, I’m afraid.
They’re the exact kind of people I START out working with, just like my FFG client I mentioned earlier.
They don’t have sex- Ever
They’re embarrassed about how they look
They feel fat and frumpy
Disappointed they’ve gotten to THIS
Frustrated, over whelmed.
Convince themselves they’re ‘time poor’ and so hard done to.
“It’s different for me”
No clue what to eat, how to train and struggling.
Put on a front that they’re happy the way they are but are constantly yoyo dieting.
Liddle bit of success at Slimming World only to pile it all back on again.
They’re fed up and let’s face it, its easier to have your head and opinion in someone else’s business than to face your own and TAKE ACTION on it…
Which is the main reason I’ve deleted all my social media apps off of my phone recently.
…But I’ll tell you about that another day
Anyhoo, that all I’ve got for today.
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