Damage Limitation

How You Can Avoid Falling Off The Wagon (Part 1)

Personal trainer Burnley

Damage Limitation…

That, right there, is a phrase I frikkin LOVE

… Damage Limitation…

Especially if you say it like the dramatic voice over guy on the X-factor.

Damaaaaage. Limiiiiiitation.

(You just tried it didn’t you)

Sounds like some kind of strategic military type plan to avoid impending doom…
or maybe just my dramatic little brain?

Anyway, when I use this phrase with my clients, it pretty much does what it says on the tin..

Limits Damage.

Which, when you’re trying to reach a goal, is a much better option than

‘Fuck it’

Here’s the thing…

How many times have you been on a ‘diet’ and completely fucked it by eating a giant indian meal, eating a full packet of Hobnobs or stuffing your pie hole with too much … well… pie? Purely for the fact that you had an unnecessary ‘fuck it I’m here now’ moment which can potentially screw ALL the hard work you’ve put in so far and leave you feeling like a big fat, miserable pig the next day…

And then..

‘Fuck it, might as well carry on till Monday’

(Because that’s completely logical, right)

**Face Palm**

Now, I’m all for a social life and not depriving yourself of the things you love , which is EXACTLY what I do with the girls on my  SOS  programme so if you’re sat there thinking..

“Well no, I’m not going out AT ALL for the next 60 days”
“I know it’s Davina’s wedding but I’m not gunna drink… in fact I’m just gunna drink water for the next 60 days”
“I’m gunna stick to nothing but ‘clean’ food.
No treats what so ever
For 60 days.
…Misery is where it’s at

If this is you…

You reeeaaalllyy need to GET FUCKING REAL.

Calm down.
Stop panicking.
Chill the fuck out.



For 99.9% of us this ain’t gunna happen sista…
And the ones who say they do this cold turkey shit successfully?
Well… I challenge em to a Jeremey Kyle lie detector

And ya know what else ya gunna do if this is the mind set you’re in?

Set ya self up for MASSIVE failure and feel shit about how much of a big fat failing loser you are and reach for the crisps or dohnuts or pie … or all damn three.

“Well I’ve fucked it now.. might aswell carry on”

** Cries in to jumbo sized pack of Dorittos **


Just no.

Now the key to this is… Guess what?…

Damage Limitation

(you can’t say it without impersonating the X-Factor guy now, right)

If you’re on my SOS programme, you receive an Action plan template and Tele Class telling you EXACTLY how to handle everything I’ve just spoken about with your own tailored Jedi Ninja tactics, together with the  guidance of yours truely, where we keep on track in a nutrition mini-session each week in order to avoid…

Impending doom.. dum dum dum

… Ahem

…I mean your social life that you CAN still have and get results if you get the right things in place


Don’t turn your cheat meal in to a cheat day.. or worse… a cheat week.

Don’t go crazy with your ‘cheat’.


I kid you not, you can undo a full weeks worth of hard graft by eating a pizza and a tub of ice cream

and no …

“Yeah but I burnt it off”

You’ll find that you’ve just eaten it all back on, my friend

… And some, I’m afraid.

Now there isn’t a single one of my girls who is on the same plan. Some work better with a cheat meal once per week, some work better with a mini cheat planned in everyday.

Yep- every day..

(Is this  what some  ‘Personal Trainers’ might call ‘optimal’? – Nope – infact they’d probably have a fucking melt down just reading this)

But if you’re going to beat yourself up every single day in the staff room at work just to crack and binge out later anyway, you’ve got to ask your self…

Is salivating like a pavlov dog every damn day worth it?

Is it worth feeling THAT deprived every day when it can be factored in to your plan stress free?

So again, if you’re currently one of my SOS girls or one of my coaching clients you NEED to be honest with me with what you’re struggling with then we can…

… Guess What

Limit the damage.


Char ‘You’re never going to be able to say that phrase normally ever again’ De Curtis