A Seat Belt That Couldn’t Fasten, A New Hip And A Dicky Ticker To 3.5 Stone Lighter In THE Peach Dress (Carol’s Hot Seat)

I thought I was fairly fit as I enjoy swimming once a week and ran around after my grandsons when I looked after them It was when I went on a plane to Spain and could not fasten the seat belt round my self that I realised something needed to change. I liked drinking beer and wine after work ” to relax”  and realised that I was doing this every night of the week.

This wasn’t like anything I’ve ever done before, I loved the Change Your Story Module and got so much out of the Inner B*tch training around mindset and feeling in control around food.
This really hit home when I was out one afternoon with my grandson and we stopped for a Brownie, which I sat and enjoyed with little George with no guilt and without feeling like I was ‘off plan’ or that I was off the wagon. My mindset has been completely transformed.

I had followed Charlotte on facebook for nearly a year and liked her style of communicating, but it took me about 8 months to actually apply for SOS as I thought I might be a lost cause as I was not a bride to be or a post natal mummy and thought maybe I was too old to start doing things like this.

I also worried that I would not be able to do the workouts as I have dodgy knees, a dicky ticker and was clearly out of condition.

Between than and now?? Ha ha, I literally feel like a new woman.  I have lost weight, toned up, bought new clothes that I love.  I flew to Australia and could fasten the seat belt without breathing in and have a new love for weight training.

All told I’m at 3 and a half stone weight loss, my confidence is through the roof and I’ve got a new found belief that I’m not a lost cause after all.. I am capable of feeling fit and healthy and I feel confidence to walk in to my own gym and know what I’m doing.

I eat better, sleep better, have more energy to run round with my grandsons and I just feel better in myself all round.

If I could give advice to anyone thinking of applying to work with Charlotte it would be …Go for it!! I thought it would be too expensive, too time consuming, too hard. All the excuses and stories under the sun that I had used previously. But as L’oreal say in all their adverts, YOU are WORTH IT and I can honestly say it’s the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.

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