Why Carbs dont count and strapping on a pair or lady balls

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So, you youve probably heard about nutrient timing…
• Intermittent fasting
• Don’t eat carbs after 4pm
• have a shake for breakfast and lunch (grrrr)
• Blah blah
Now, the majority of the above info is … guess what… bullshit…
(FYI intermittent fasting is no good for females- but more on that another time.)
For us women it really is harder to lose stubborn fat and gain lean muscle! Our hormonal makeup just doesn’t allow our bodies to respond the same as that of a man.
Although most women I train have metaphorically bigger balls than most men I know… high testosterone levels we metaphorically do not produce!
With my clients I help them change their story, which you’ll probably hear me talking about quite a lot on my Facebook page.
But this can only be done by assessing what you individually respond to, allowing me to determine what your carb tolerances are and what macros you should be shooting for … you need an individual assessment for this kind of thing.. Otherwise you’re just throwing shit aimlessly and hoping some of it sticks… which is the main reason most people don’t see results!!
One thing is for sure… your body will thank you for keeping the recovery process going, regardless!
After you workout you have this magical thing called the anabolic window where… wait for it…  your carbs don’t count … yes … you heard me!
Gasp you must!
So slight exaggeration, they do count (booooo!) but hear me out..
Your body will utilise your macros especially carbs which it’ll store in the form as glycogen (used for muscle contraction) in your muscles as opposed to storing as adipose tissue – fatty tissue (yayyy!!)
It’ll also burn more calories than eating nothing at all as it keeps your metabolism high!
(I’d say that was 2-1 to Too Hottie… cue fist pump)
It’s important to get a mix of protein and carbs twenty minutes after your workout (straight away for males due to the difference in hormone levels and the huge amount of testosterone that we ladies simply don’t have due to our non existent lady balls).
Which is why you might see guys leaving the gym immediately with a whey protein shake-  which are great post work out by the way, if you’re in a rush.
(I can assure you most of these guys, however, are only doing it to look like they know what they’re doing… but well done bro we’ll give ya that one, bless).
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PPS … Back tomorrow with the ‘best’ types of workouts you should be doing
Love ya and leave ya xxx