The Epiphany That Was Giving Up Reading FB Comments For Lent..

So, I have a thing.
It could quite possibly be some kind of condition or disorder.
It starts with this uncontrollable urge that washes over me and results in red mist rage that, short of turning green and my t-shirt ripping is definite fury.
And here’s what hooks me on and reels me in
Facebook comments.
They’re like CRACK to me.
So much so, I’ve given up reading them for Lent.
And I must say I wasn’t doing very well with it, up until this week (Soz, Jesus).
See, whenever there’s something semi controversial going down I have to (yes, HAVE TO.. overwhelming urge, remember) click and read the comments..
Now you can imagine some of the people who are hanging out in the comments section on FB.
If not? I’ll give you a few examples..
A) The trump loving American man, who has a ferocious love for Guns and the unborn fetus (right up until the point that it turns out gay .. then not so keen)
B) The incognito troll who leaves misogynistic and hateful comments about the appearance of others (usually has a profile picture of a dog).
C) The grammar police. You know the ones who usually show up, choosing to totally disregard the poignant post , in favour of pointing out the slight grammatical error.
Cue Hulk rage…
And one day as I sat there getting more and more furious at these people that DO actually exist in the world!! WTFFF!!
More and more fuming.
Until out of nowhere..
It hit me like a B&Q Lorry.
(I mean last time I saw this level of ‘What the EFF am I doing? ‘ was Elle Woods and her metaphorical F*ck You to go to Law School)
AND Yes. WTF was I doing?
Why was I letting these people, on the internet, who I’ve never even met and have NO contribution to my life, take you ANY of my precious head space.
What a massive plonker.
And just like that I took a deep breath, shook my head at my own plonkery self and did that magical act of self relief that you can do with your fingers…
I scrolled past.
Then I went and unfollowed all the crap on my social media that made me feel like crap. Unfollowed, unfriended, un-liked, blocked. Bye Felicia.
Whatever I needed to do? I did it.
And guess what liberating AF!!
I mean, who knew?
But it makes sense right? Something I help my clients with is their environment and head space.
You have a choice of what you put in that head of yours.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect and maybe one day I’ll be FULL ON Russell Brand level reformed but now, if I do slip back in to old ways? I approach these comments with curiosity..
Like, IMAGINE being in that head space where you feel the need to troll other people on social media?
Or tagging your mate in to a status with a passive aggressive eye roll.
I mean LOL. You’ve got to laugh ain’t ya?
Last time I checked you were a grown woman, not a year 9, Hun.
I mean IMAGINE being in that head space. You’ve gotta feel a bit sad for ‘em.
The end.

I dont HATE Slimming World.. I’m a changed woman (And NO, I’m not drunk)

Now, I feel I have a duty to clear this up.

I will say this once and once only.. And I’ll say it loud AF for the people in the back.

Contrary to popular belief…

I DON’T HATE Slimming World.

^^^ Read that again.

And here’s the exact reason why…

The colour beige.
Slightly overcast days.
Unflavoured Porridge.
Polo shirts… tucked in.

Those are other average, annoying and unnecessary things that I put up with.

I mean HATE is such a strong word isn’t it? A word that should be reserved only for really REALLY bad things..

Like Joseph Fritzel …

And those knob heads who correct other people’s grammar in Facebook comments.

But when it comes to Slimming World? I don’t HATE it.
Quite the contrary actually.

I just simply just don’t believe in.

I don’t believe in patronising.. ahem.. I mean ‘rewarding’ a grown ass woman with a certificate to stick on her fridge for taking up less space in the world.

I don’t believe in the negative connotation and demonising of foods or the disguised purge and binge of syn plates.

I don’t believe in the blind leading the blind and the lack of nutritional knowledge from the SW rep.. I don’t care how lovely your rep is, the fact is she/he (or other gender neutral pronouns of your choice) has been brought through the system of Slimming World to SELL you more Slimming World.

What happens when Slimming World doesn’t work??
“Tough Shit. Do more Slimming World”

I don’t believe in coercing women into the illusion that if you JUST follow these nonsensical, made up and convoluted rules that have no scientific backing and make no nutritional sense because they’ve been put together by a marketing team to make sure you always have to go back for more… under the illusion that if you can JUST get to your target weight you’ll never struggle again… *eye roll*

I don’t believe in the group drama triangle of on plan- off plan and the desperate confusion of “Well Barbara had a curry on Saturday night and still lost 3 lbs whilst I’ve been ‘on plan’ all week and done everything that’s ‘allowed’ but not lost any”.

Chastising a menial 1lb weight gain at your public weigh in..

Then the “Why do you think this has happened this week, Maureen?” that follows from your well meaning rep.

I mean it’s not the end of the world. Maybe Maureen needs a poo? Maybe she’s due on? There are a million other reasons why maureen has put on 1 lb

The blame culture of well you’re obviously not doing it right because other people are losing weight.
You are the problem. Not the made up rules that don’t make any nutritional sense.

The concept of ‘Body Magic’… Body. Magic. I mean last time I checked, you weren’t a 5 year old.

AND, not to mention, is there anything more soul destroying than seeing a grown woman rabidly scraping every last dreg from the bottom of a Muller Light?

It’s Muller, Hun. Not Cocaine.


A grown women in the midst of an X-Factor sob story to justify the fact that she ravaged a Donner Kebab at the weekend.

Now before anyone tries to get fancy, which I’m more than happy to discuss with you btw…

If Slimming World ‘worked’ for you.. Cool.

But being left with a skewed view of food, exercise and mindset isn’t my definition of ‘worked’ and that’s not gunna change.

Please don’t be under the illusion that you represent a shit ton of other women who it didn’t and hasn’t worked for, who are left in a worse position than when they started.

How do I know this?? Because I work with them every frikkin day.

Women who struggle with disordered eating as a result and have some horrendously warped beliefs about food and themselves as a result.

Women who are petrified of eating certain foods or enjoying some cinema treats with their kids, for example.

Who unknowingly pass on this severe lack of self worth on to their kids because they have made SW their ‘norm’. It’s not a norm. It’s heart breaking.

Women who have been on a ‘diet’ or ‘to and from’ Slimming World for years in on going “on the wagon- off the wagon” attempts.

Now, if ya wanna misconstrue what I’m saying.. cool.

BUT this isn’t a judgement. This is a DIRECT observation from working with women for more than 10 years.. Women who have been well and truly chewed up and spat out by multi million pound companies who know that these women are desperate to feel good about their bodies.

And I don’t believe in it.

However, here’s what I DO believe in…

I believe in empowering women to reserve their YES’s for the shit that matters. To live their lives without being petrified of food, to learn to LOVE their bodies and own their shit, flaws and all.

To not be held hostage by other people’s rules but to create your own by living your life not bound to log everything that goes in your mouth on a fucking dedicated Instagram account to a bunch of strangers. I mean, imagine spending that time doing all the stuff that you love doing instead? Spend the time with your kids. With actual REAL LIFE people.

To write your own rules.

Now here’s the thing. If you don’t agree with me, I mean this is the nicest possible way, but I don’t give a fuck.

I am not your mum.

I am not responsible for you and I am happy for you to make your own executive life decisions whilst counting every last syn and obsessing over the elusive mashed vs unmashed banana conundrum.

I mean, you can either choose to take offence or choose to open up to other possibilities 🤷🏼‍♀️

You don’t have to agree with me because you can do your thang.. and me and my clients will do OUR thang.

However, if you’re ready to go against the grain and finally re write your own rules in a way that works for you..

You can fill in a Breakthrough Application here and we’ll chat…

If not enjoy your synning, Huns 🤷🏼‍♀️

Lorra Love x

30 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self About ‘Diets’


Being ‘good’ all weekend and saving yourself for a ‘cheat meal’ at a weekend isn’t normal.. It’s disguised binge and purge.

Exercising wearing a bin bag is not an effective way to lose body fat, it’s sticky, unnecessary and gross.

Herbalife coaches have no f*cking idea what they’re talking about – they do know how to sell you a glorified protein shake though.

Eating carbs after 6pm is FINE (Especially if you’re training early doors). Eat the carbs.

Getting up early to do a sh*t load of crunches with ankle weights will not give you Britney abs.

Being constantly sore from the gym isn’t a sign of how hard you worked – it’s a sign of poor recovery.

You don’t have to justify eating eating a full bag of jelly babies as a ‘pre- workout’.

Eating wafer thin ham from the packet will not give you Britney abs.

Eating little and often to keep your ‘metabolism going’ is a myth.. You don’t have to time your meals.. You also don’t have to freak out if you miss one.

It’s normal to have rolls of fat on your body.

There really are worse things to be than fat…

Peanut butter is amazing but just because someone, somewhere said it was ‘healthy’, doesn’t mean you have to add it to every thing (Then be surprised as to why you are putting on weight).

Waist trainers will not give you Britney abs.

Too many aloe vera shots will give you the shits.

Too many protein bars will mean you can’t shat for a week. Good luck with that, Hun.

Your self worth doesn’t depend on a number.

Some of the most educated Dr’s, with a million letters after their name, have no idea how to put this shit in to real world practise.. for real life women. It’s OK not to agree with them.

Ya know what’s not fun? Laxatives.

Eat the cake.

Ab machines will not give you Britney abs.

You know who is the WORST person to take diet advice from? Linda, next door neighbour who works in accounts.

Trying to get your macros down to the gram every day is A. Pointless B. Impossible.

Listen to your body, not a book.

Learn to LOVE what you see.

Chocolate eaten with love is better than spinach eaten with stress.

OK! magazine does not have the answers.

Not eating when you’re hungry is the first step to a fucked up relationship with food.

Being a bikini athlete is miserable AF.

If you stare at something for too long, you’ll ALWAYS find imperfection.

Find 3 things every day that you LOVE about yourself.

Even when you HAVE Britney abs, you wont think that you have Britney abs.

F*ck Britney abs.

A Seat Belt That Couldn’t Fasten, A New Hip And A Dicky Ticker To 3.5 Stone Lighter In THE Peach Dress (Carol’s Hot Seat)

I thought I was fairly fit as I enjoy swimming once a week and ran around after my grandsons when I looked after them It was when I went on a plane to Spain and could not fasten the seat belt round my self that I realised something needed to change. I liked drinking beer and wine after work ” to relax”  and realised that I was doing this every night of the week.

This wasn’t like anything I’ve ever done before, I loved the Change Your Story Module and got so much out of the Inner B*tch training around mindset and feeling in control around food.
This really hit home when I was out one afternoon with my grandson and we stopped for a Brownie, which I sat and enjoyed with little George with no guilt and without feeling like I was ‘off plan’ or that I was off the wagon. My mindset has been completely transformed.

I had followed Charlotte on facebook for nearly a year and liked her style of communicating, but it took me about 8 months to actually apply for SOS as I thought I might be a lost cause as I was not a bride to be or a post natal mummy and thought maybe I was too old to start doing things like this.

I also worried that I would not be able to do the workouts as I have dodgy knees, a dicky ticker and was clearly out of condition.

Between than and now?? Ha ha, I literally feel like a new woman.  I have lost weight, toned up, bought new clothes that I love.  I flew to Australia and could fasten the seat belt without breathing in and have a new love for weight training.

All told I’m at 3 and a half stone weight loss, my confidence is through the roof and I’ve got a new found belief that I’m not a lost cause after all.. I am capable of feeling fit and healthy and I feel confidence to walk in to my own gym and know what I’m doing.

I eat better, sleep better, have more energy to run round with my grandsons and I just feel better in myself all round.

If I could give advice to anyone thinking of applying to work with Charlotte it would be …Go for it!! I thought it would be too expensive, too time consuming, too hard. All the excuses and stories under the sun that I had used previously. But as L’oreal say in all their adverts, YOU are WORTH IT and I can honestly say it’s the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.

Joanna’s SOS Hot Seat

I hate what I saw in the mirror – hated felling the way that I felt about myself. For a while I was trying to understand there is more to life than constantly feeling like I did but found it so hard to get out of this way of thinking and feeling.

I was overweight at the age of 18 and lost 5 stone and felt good for my wedding in 2009 – maintained my goal weight and lived the life of good Monday – Friday then treat at a weekend.

However since having my daughter nearly 6 years ago I just could not get my weight off. I had a C-section and my overhang is definitely more prominent than it was before having my daughter. I’ve suffered from Anxiety and Depression for the past 5 years and feed my low mood with food, bringing on guilt of what I’ve just done and feeling even worse then causing my bowel disease to flare up, making me feel worse – a vicious circle. I’ve tried every possible diet/mechanism and just couldn’t seem to get the result I wanted.

Seeing and reading an email from Charlotte regarding a client who had had a baby/section and hearing that she works closely with these kind of women. They say sometimes you just get a feeling and I did. I felt this is the woman who will help me feel good again.

Before hand I feared it would all be too restrictive but it was something I would commit to, because I saw the results she got for clients and read the reviews of her past clients.

I also feared I would fail and let us both down , because it’s all I had done so far.

Charlotte is one of the most real and caring women I have ever met – she genuinely cares. It’s nothing like I expected, there are no restrictions with food or life.. it’s all about living your life but being aware and accountable for what you do.

She is at the other end of the phone (every day in my case) and she really has been there for me. I have had to have a real word with myself that the way I have felt and the way I want to feel WILL NOT happen over night and she reminds me of that. It’s changing a huge habit and that takes time. The advise she gives is honest, real and genuinely helps you to rethink things through rationally. For what I have been through these past 5 years with depression/body and weight issues I feel Charlotte has lived it with me with the talks/advice she gives me. This has genuinely changed my life and the way I think and feel about myself.

I’ve learned to stop punishing myself for having a ‘bad’ day, it’s one day, we are human AND I’m not on my own. If I have a craving, have what I crave within reason and get on with my day – don’t punish myself. Every time I feel a specific way (that before I would have over thought) Charlotte pops into my head and I think ‘what would she think/do/say’ and this, on it’s own, is a huge result for me.

I used to (and still do sometimes) fear that a bad day is day where my depression has dipped and I fear I’m going back into a low place. This scares me and this is when I find myself eating things I shouldn’t, not exercising etc and its a rollercoaster. However Charlotte has taught me (in a nice way) to not overthink this. Every single person has bad days, its natural, so don’t think negative, it’s one day and tomorrow is a new day. If I have had one of these days, I have text Charlotte and she has gone through numerous though processes to rationalise it and it really does help. Something so simple but it’s having her there to help me re-programme my mind into this way of thinking.

To anyone in two minds about taking the leap and applying to work with Charlotte, with all my heart, this is the best decision I have ever made (and I have spent a lot of money on everything possible to lose weight) I truly feel this is going to be a life changing year for me. It may seem a little pricey but I turned it around that the money I spent on going out socialising, eating, etc – spend it on this, if I truly wanted to help myself, with being unhappy. Its investing in yourself and your wellbeing and you cannot put a price on that

Don’t go in half heartedly, Charlotte puts so much time, effort and love into all her clients – don’t waste her time.

With the nasty and bullying society that we live in, images on social media of how you ‘should look’ when the images aren’t even real – it’s so nice to have someone training and guiding you who is a real, genuine woman who wants to help you feel how you want to feel and not how you feel you “should” feel. She sees you for who you really are and helps you to begin to love yourself and that means more than anything to me.

The Myth: Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal OF The Day (And what you should be doing instead)










What if I told you that everything you ever thought about that perfect precision of a protein based breakfast that all the health and fitness ‘gurus’ spout on about was in fact, catastrophically wrong.

Maybe even your ‘well meaning’ PT once gave you this very advice? I mean EVERYONE knows that breakfast is THE most important meal of the day, right?

Well what if I told you that this very statement..

‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ that is often proclaimed with such conviction by those Carpet Carrying Avenger PT types **eye rolll **


Wait for it..

A myth spread by Kelloggs in the 1930’s (Then adopted by the bacon companies).

read that again ^^

If you think your mind’s been blown you ain’t seen nothing yet..

See, Mr. Kellogg himself, being the religious man that he was, also  believed that masturbation was the greatest evil and could be prevented by eating bland food. Like Cornflakes.

Fancy that..

Can’t stop dialling that rotary phone?
No problemo.. Grab a spoon and take a pew, Hun.

AND if that information didn’t rock your world quite enough..

What if I told you that the whole “Breakfast of champions” was originally a metaphor for ‘setting your day up well and actually has f*ck all to do with your perfectly time, Unicorn Rye bread and  Jesus-Juice magic bean shake.

Now don’t get me wrong if this is your thang and this is where your belief system lies, cool. Chase the rainbow..

But if not lezz continue..

So, firstly I have a confession… I don’t eat breakfast..

And no, don’t worry Sandra, I went to an all-girls Catholic high school, I have plenty of sin in my life, I already know I’m going to Hell.. So don’t worry about me, Hun.

Now, this isn’t me telling you not to eat breakfast but I’ll have you consider that when it comes to your own “Breakfast of Champions” metaphor.. your protein ratio is often the least of your problems.

Ya see, the majority of women I coach and speak to on a daily basis, are often looking in the wrong place when it comes to ‘setting themselves up for the day’ based on the delightful Mr. Kelloggs.

So, question for yah: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

^^Just think about that for a sec..

Because a whopping 81% of people I asked on my Instagram (I’m sure there are more insightful studies around FYI) said the first thing they did was pick up their phone.

Filling their head with everyone else’s bullshit before they’ve even got out of bed.

(Listen, no judgement, I get it. This is also something I struggle with too. I’m a nosey bitch – meh)

But imagine before you’ve even stepped a single bare foot on to the cold wooden floor, you’ve already given more time and attention to …

  1. Getting all triggered by that annoying cockwomble from work.
  2. Rolling your eyes at the guy you once went on a date with 10 years ago, who’s having all the insano, crazy fun with his new rebound bird.. a status update that’s deffo for the benefit of his ex.
  3. Feeling a pang of mum shame at that ‘perfect mum’ who fed her kids a breakfast of truffle soufflé and Quail eggs for breakfast.

Think about it .. you really think THAT is starting as you mean to go on??

Now, I have something that MIGHT help ya out. It’s a mantra I share with my clients that goes like this..

 “The Queen eats First”

^^^ Read that again.

Clue: You are the queen.

Another Clue: You check-in with the Queen (AKA yourself)  first.

Consider setting up your own breakfast of da Queens with a way that works FOR you. You get to dictate your own thoughts, feelings AND the best bit, you get to be in a position where your day happens more FOR you than TO you.

Here’s how (A few things I’ve worked on with my clients and some I do myself – FYI no one is perfect, do what works for you)


  1. Got kids? Get up before them and take 5 mins with a brew to just BE with your own thoughts (yes sounds a bit woo woo life coach but try it, serious game changer)
  2. Do something that changes your state.. Have a cold shower. Or if, like me, you’d rather poke your own eyes out.. Whiz your arm under the cold shower for 5 seconds for a liddle ‘wake up call.
  3. DO NOT scroll on your phone until you’ve taken some time for yourself- whatever that looks like to you.


See, the women I coach have often spent A LONG time looking in the wrong places for the difference that makes the difference and the perfect miracle breakfast ..

Believe me you can spend your life pissing around with your macro ratios at breakfast time all ya damn like..

But until you solve your own  “Breakfast of Champions” conundrum and what that looks like, you’re likely gunna stay screwed, Hun.


Love Lottie ‘Queening’ Too Hottie

Surviving What’s REALLY going on with Shark Week


Crimson Tide.
On the blob.
A visit from Aunt Flo.

Whatever your preferred euphanism, I’m sure we can all agree that what ensues is a whirlwind of raging hormones, right?

Photo Credit: @trophywifebarbie

I mean, when are men gunna realise that ALL they have to do, for an easy life, is launch a bar of Dairy Milk in our general direction, retreat slowly and come back in about 3 days, when all is well in the world, again.

Now, if our menstrual cycle wasn’t a bummer enough, check this out..

The majority of health and fitness related research that is applied to us today, as women, was actually carried out in the 70s… on men.

With no consideration for us as females and our hormonal makeup which has a huge impact on performance and the results that we’re striving for.

I mean we’d only just burnt our frikkin bras back then, Hun, so are you really surprised that we didn’t get a look in?


Compete in sporting events?

What a laarrrfff.

Well, we could but it was limited AF. I mean, it wasn’t until 1991 that a historic decision was made by the IOC: Any new sport seeking to be included on the Olympic programme had to include women’s events.

Cheers, Hun.

Anywayyy.. is it really any surprise that the health industry treats  women as though they’re just little men * eye roll * and with that in mind, I’m sure you can appreciate why a lot of the bro-science is flawed when it comes to female focussed training and nutrition.

Stuck, struggling, not getting anywhere?

Ever thought your insatiable hunger, cravings, the fact that you’re bloody knackered and have zero energy at certain times of the month, might be contributing?

Especially as most women I speak to are fighting against their bodies in one way or another.

Maybe time to stop beating yourself up and looking further that your lack of  “will power” and the fact that despite your ‘well meaning’ PT who’s told you to go KETO and eradicate all carbs from your diet (yeh ’cause that’s the problem * eye roll *) without identifying the fact that some of these things are a normal part of your menstrual cycle and CAN (woohoo) be dealt with, with the right considerations.

Listen, up..

First off, in a nutshell, we naturally store more body fat than men and it IS harder for women to lose fat, whether that’s what you’re trying to achieve or not. Think about it this way,  we play a key role in the survival of the entire human frikkin race, evolution doesn’t want us to lose body fat…

I mean just look at the effects of our menstrual cycle..

Increased Hunger.
Increased mental and physical stress.

(What my family call ‘mum’s being crazy again’)

Is it as simple as calories in-calories out? In theory, yeah.
It’s that simple. But it’s not that easy.

For pre menopausal, healthy, women how you feel will vary due to hormone release of both oestrogen and progesterone throughout your cycle..

And here are a few of the considerations I work on with my clients that I’ll give you below, also how you can make your cycle work FOR you and not AGAINST you by knowing your sh*t when it comes to your cycle…

 Day 1-14 (Follecular Phase)

This is the time to dig in and focus on progress. Due to elevated oestrogen levels you’ll likely notice that you’re more tolerant to pain with better endurance and power out put.

There’s also evidence to support that your insulin sensitivity is at it’s highest, which means your body may utilise glycogen (carbs, for arguments sake) more usefully therefore you might find it useful keeping your carbs slightly higher around this time.

 Day 14 Ovulation

 Here you’ll likely be at your strongest physically- which is great woohoo! This is also where your hunger and cravings kick in, both of which will be higher due to the slight increase in metabolic rate.

It may be a good idea to make sure you’re eating enough protein at this stage to ensure satiety and increase your carbs to compensate for your cravings. Seriously, it might sound a bit woo woo but listen to your body and what she wants.

Day 15- 28 Luteal phase

 If you’re anything like me, you’ll KNOW when you’ve hit this phase..

Feeling tired.
Often extreme sugar cravings.
Mental and physical stress.

Photo credit: @trophywifebarbie

Bursting in to tears because you can’t find your keys?

Ready to bury the boyf in the back garden for breathing in your general direction?

Falling face first in to a box of Krispy Kremes?

I hear ya, Hunny. I hear ya.

It’s also important to know that THIS is where you’ll experience the most water retention so maybe a good idea to step away from the scales and don’t confuse bloating with fat gain.

With some of my more advanced clients we also manage this phase with lighter yet higher volume training to work with the phase, rather than against it.

So there you have it, as a female focussed personal trainer, this is exactly why we need to stop treating women like little men when our hormonal makeup is so different. Are we getting better as an industry? Meh, a little bit but there’s a lot for coaches to learn and ALOT to take in to consideration (and context).

Obviously it’s important to be aware that from one woman to the next there will be distinct variability. Some women will notice these fluctuations more than others.

With my own clients I’m not a huge fan of tracking everything down to nth degree.. I mean don’t we have enough going on? Is it necessary? I’d argue not.. and then where does it end?

Track your food. Track your training. Track your heart rate. Track your steps. Track your menstrual cycle.

Even remembering to track all those damn things is stressful in itself without Arsenal playin’ at home, if ya know what I’m sayin’.

However, you can use this info as a guide to reference your Red Badge Of Honour, whilst learning and listening to your own body.

You’re welcome,

Lorra Love,

Lottie ‘Making Shark Week Tolerable’ Too Hottie


I have no idea how you got here, maybe you landed in from my socials, watched one of my videos, listened to me on a Podcast or maybe you heard about the book I’m writing?

But the fact that you’re here? AMAZING.

I can only assume that you’re a woman on a mission to find and embrace the sh*t outta your Inner Beyonce? But ain’t it hard in a world HELL BENT on making us feel like sh*t?

Before we crack on, I gotta tell ya.. I know what you’re expecting.. A list of rules along the lines of eating more brocolli, doing more burpees and all the rest of the crap that comes with the usual misery of the Death By Burpees culture.

Here’s the thing, I’ve never, in my 13 years of coaching women, seen a true transformation come from just taking up less space space in the world, like they want you to believe.

But don’t we all fall in to the trap of that? Let’s be honest, you and I both know that the thing that you think is the thing, quite often, ain’t even actually the thing at all, is it.

Still with me? Good.

So here it is, my very own Too Hottie CORE FOUR that I work on with my clients for unstoppable confidence and a body you ROCK, on your own terms…

The list could have been humongous but here’s a simple, bite sized list of ‘rules’ for learning to love the sh*t outta your body, on your own terms, minus the unnecessary misery. A way to celebrate ALL that you are. Not all that you’re not. By no means is the list comprehensive but it’s a good start. I’ve also put these “rules” into a printable sheet, so you can print it off and stick it somewhere  to remind you that the thing is so much more than your next detox or that certificate that says you’re a better person for taking up less space in the world *** Massive eye roll***
Simply scroll to the bottom of this page to get your printable copy (and take note of the ‘full disclosure’ bit).

Tame Your Inner Bitch

  1. Treat yourself like you would your best friend.
  2. Don’t believe everything you think.
  3. Book yourself a facial (Self care matters)
  4. De-clutter your social media
  5. INVEST in your self – everybody will reap the benefits.
  6. Make time to do things you LOVE.
  7. Personify your Inner Bitch (And give her a ‘Dinner Lady’ name)
  8. Take a day off your phone every week.
  9. Buy yourself flowers (And not a pezzy bunch from the petrol station – you’re worth more than that, Hunny Bun)
  10. Your environment matters.
  11. Intercept your Shit Towers
  12. Ask yourself  “What would it be like if I didn’t believe that?”
  13. DO what you said you would do
  14. BE KIND.
  15. You can’t take care of anyone when you don’t take care of yourself
  16. Turn your emotional, stressful problems in to solvable puzzles by writing them down.

Food Freedom

  1. Honour your hunger.
  2. Know that it’s ok to ENJOY food.
  3. Throw out the fitness magazines.
  4. Don’t forget to eat for your soul too (mmmm.. doughnuts)
  5. The Queen Eats First – You’re no good to anyone when you’re frikkin miserable and grumpy from your latest ‘drink your own piss’ detox.
  6. Understand that ‘knowing this stuff’ isn’t your job. Hire a coach to help you get un-baffled with the BS (It’s a mine field out there and it wont feel easy, at first)
  7. Stop using negative language around food (Sins and points are a made up by a marketing team)
  8. Good or bad foods don’t exist. Some are higher in nutritional value than others, that’s all.
  9. You’re not a toddler, you’re a grown woman who has a choice.
  10. Banish extreme language around food “It was a disaster” .. No, Hun, Chernobyl was a distaster. You eating a few custard creams is not.
  11. LISTEN to your body
  12. Make peace with food- stop the food fight.
  13. Honour your emotions without using food.
  14. Challenge the Food Police (AKA Linda, who works in accounts..)
  15. If someone has something to say about the foods you eat.. eat them too.

Body Beliefs

  1. Question your thoughts and beliefs about your body.
  2. Reject the ‘Death By Burpees’ culture of instagram.
  3. Don’t take shit personally, it’s never about you.
  4. Don’t compare ACTUAL progress to IDEAL progress.
  5. Just because someone shouts the loudest, doesn’t mean they’re right.
  6. Consistent over perfect.
  7. DETOX your social media (tip anything that makes you feel sh*t about your body, ditch it)
  8. Find 3 things you LOVE about your body every day.
  9. Make peace with your younger self (She felt what she needed to feel in order to survive at the time, you’re not her anymore)
  10. Take the top 3 unhelpful beliefs you have about your body and see how you can re-write them.
  11. Create a mental ‘Narnia’ for old beliefs.
  12. Question unhelpful thoughts with ‘According to who?’ or ‘Compared to what?’
  13. Don’t compare your day 1 to someones day 101
  14. Regardless of what you ‘weigh’ you still have to take your own head with you, remember that.
  15. What you believe is either a road way or a road block (choose wisely)

Change Your Story (and live the sh*t out of your Happily Ever After)

  1. Your environment matters.
  2. Two words: Sleep. Hygeine.
  3. Make sure your goals are YOURs 
  4. Figure out your ‘Why’ (Not sure? Ask your self ‘WHY’ 5 times)
  5. Move your body EVERY day, in a way you LOVE.
  6. Esteem yourself. Remind yourself  about your journey of f*cking AWSOMENESS, so far.
  7. Repeat after me: “Plot Twists Are Fun”
  8. Find 3 things every day that you’re grateful for.
  9. Write a ‘did it’ list rather than a ‘to do’ list.
  10. Write down what your ideal day looks like.
  11. Meditate.
  12. Get to know your own values.
  13. Lead by example.
  14. Put yourself first.. You’re no good to anyone when you’re tired and stressed.
  15. Get selfish and get used to saying NO. 
  16. Protect your confidence by practising the 4 F’s.
  17. If it doesn’t feel good, ditch it.
  18. Find yourself in the wrong story? Leave.

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What Happened To Nicole??


Nicole was on the last round of my SOS programme and something she said REALLY struck a chord with me..

“I can’t believe I’ve been walking round feeling like crap about my body for 4 years.. feeling like I’m STILL 4 months pregnant and thinking I just had to accept it. I’m gutted I didn’t come to you sooner”

Thing is I GET it.. SOS is a big investment to be make in yourself and let’s face it, when you’ve got kids, often investing in yourself comes with it’s own slice of mum guilt on the side, right.

Also, I get there’s the whole, what if it doesn’t work?

I’ll be honest it takes a lot of TRUST and vulnerability to work with a coach.

YES, I gots some skillzz… and a shit ton of experience in this field, it’s what I do, it’s what I specialise in AND it’s not a hobby on the side.. it’s my LIFE’s work.


BUT guess what.. don’t take my advice on board and DO the work, not gunna work. Simple.


See, at the point of the pic, I’d been working with Nicole for 5 weeks.. and after our first conversation, which was centered around her considering surgery to recify her diastis recti (abdominal separation) brought about by two pregnancies.

The last pregnancy being 4 years ago.

For me, I’ve completely fallen out of love with before and after pics and I’m often reluctant to share those of my clients there days, because of the lack of transparency I see on social media (Yes, we can all see that you’ve just pulled your pants up and changed the lighting, Hun)

But you really can’t deny the story behind Nicole’s picture.

See the thing is, you can slaughter yourself, go to ALL the Body Pump, Crossfit, lift heavy weights, FORCE the fat off your body..

Cut out.

Cut down.

Cut back.

^^ From a place of deprivation and a side order of self loathing, whilst keeping your fingers crossed that you’re ‘doing things right’.

But post natal bodies.. REGARDLESS of how long ago you’ve had kids need time attention, precision and the RIGHT kinds of expertise in this area to fine tune and rectify… even YEARS down the line.

It’s what I do best. See, transformation is a word that’s thrown around A LOT and it’s all well and good taking up less space in the world.. but for me that’s not a transformation.

Being privy to how Nicole’s shift in mindset, lightbulb moments, how she feels about herself from the inside and out, thus far.. seeing women transform in this way is always a super proud moment of mine.

As mum’s didn’t we put all the people in the world on the GODDAMN planet?

Isn’t it our right, as women, to feel like MOTHER F*CKING GODDESSES?

Errr… yeh.

Now, if you’re in a similar situation to Nicole here are 3 pieces of advice I can give ya..

  1. GET A COACH… there are so many reasons that ‘going it alone’ doesn’t work out. Whether that’s me OR someone else, get a coach who specialises in this area, I can guarantee you will spend A LOT of money paying cheap on the wrong people/ generic classes that are tailored to every gal and her puppy.. I say this from a place of love because I’ve seen so many women fall in to the trap over the years.


  1. I’m a massive advocate of women lifting weight, as you know but do yourself a favour and STOP throwing round heavy weights and expecting it to change your shape.. there’s a huge difference between training for performance and training for aesthetics/rehab (how your body looks/ activates/ holds itself) so don’t be afraid to bring it back to basics, so you know you are loading in the right areas of your body, for example.


  1. Activation and ‘switching on’ areas of your body that have been weakened need to be worked inside and outside of the gym. So stand tall and get used to FEELING weakened areas with a mind-muscle connection (something for another blogs time).


So there you have it,

Love Lottie ‘proud as punch’ Too Hottie

PS- Whenever you’re ready here are 3 more ways I can help you…


  1. Check out my FREE online training in my FREE Sistahood group on Facebook.


Where I teach all the Too Hottie priciples of nutrition, training and Inner Bitch mindset to help you set your confidence on fire.


  1. Work with me directly 1-2-1

If you’d like to work with me 1-2-1 you can apply for my SOS programme (please note that SOS applications are ONLY open for the next two weeks, then the doors close until May 2019).

Have me personally coach you on your very own get your very own Too Hottie transformation and ‘ever after’ for more time socialising and living your life being happy and healthy in a body you rock, on your own terms. I mean imagine never obsessing over a diet again?


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