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Charlotte De curtis, better known as Lottie Too Hottie, is a personal trainer & eating psychology coach. This mum of two boys is on a mission to help knackered mums take back control of their lives, their self worth and their eating.. so they never have to diet again, and instead, have the confidence to live a full up life, feeling like the Hottie they deserve.

Over the past 13 years Lottie noticed that the facade of death by burpees, miserable detox shakes and Slimming Clubs were actually leaving most women worse off than when they started.  As were the twenty-something- year old instagrammers dishing out convoluted advice without any understanding of what it’s ACTUALLY like for busy mums like her and her clients.

Having worked with hundreds of women, who felt truly chewed up and spat out, on the same diet wagon, some times for the entirety of their adult life, she wanted to create a simple way, without all the crazy contradictory rules, that empowered women to take back control in a way that worked from them, without constantly comparing themselves to other women, worrying whether they should or shouldn’t be eating things or missing out on life because of the way they felt about their bodies.

Following her own struggles with post natal depression and anxiety.. Charlotte decided to pave her own way through the health and fitness world by creating a space for women to go against the grain and rewrite their own rules about food and their bodies and so, Too Hottie coaching was born – a place where women could take back control of their lives, their self worth and their eating to know they are enough. 

A place where being a Hottie is not a ‘size’

So, what I’m sayin’ is this my friend…

.. If you know you want to change
.. If you feel ready to put in the work to make those changes
.. If you want to have fun on your journey

Maybe.. just maybe… I’m the one who can razzle ya dazzle and give ya back ya mojo

So, if ya wanna see if I can hump your camel (Too much? Ok I’ll stop now)
click the link below to find out more about how we can work together.
And if you’re lucky I might even make you a brew too..

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