30 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self About ‘Diets’


Being ‘good’ all weekend and saving yourself for a ‘cheat meal’ at a weekend isn’t normal.. It’s disguised binge and purge.

Exercising wearing a bin bag is not an effective way to lose body fat, it’s sticky, unnecessary and gross.

Herbalife coaches have no f*cking idea what they’re talking about – they do know how to sell you a glorified protein shake though.

Eating carbs after 6pm is FINE (Especially if you’re training early doors). Eat the carbs.

Getting up early to do a sh*t load of crunches with ankle weights will not give you Britney abs.

Being constantly sore from the gym isn’t a sign of how hard you worked – it’s a sign of poor recovery.

You don’t have to justify eating eating a full bag of jelly babies as a ‘pre- workout’.

Eating wafer thin ham from the packet will not give you Britney abs.

Eating little and often to keep your ‘metabolism going’ is a myth.. You don’t have to time your meals.. You also don’t have to freak out if you miss one.

It’s normal to have rolls of fat on your body.

There really are worse things to be than fat…

Peanut butter is amazing but just because someone, somewhere said it was ‘healthy’, doesn’t mean you have to add it to every thing (Then be surprised as to why you are putting on weight).

Waist trainers will not give you Britney abs.

Too many aloe vera shots will give you the shits.

Too many protein bars will mean you can’t shat for a week. Good luck with that, Hun.

Your self worth doesn’t depend on a number.

Some of the most educated Dr’s, with a million letters after their name, have no idea how to put this shit in to real world practise.. for real life women. It’s OK not to agree with them.

Ya know what’s not fun? Laxatives.

Eat the cake.

Ab machines will not give you Britney abs.

You know who is the WORST person to take diet advice from? Linda, next door neighbour who works in accounts.

Trying to get your macros down to the gram every day is A. Pointless B. Impossible.

Listen to your body, not a book.

Learn to LOVE what you see.

Chocolate eaten with love is better than spinach eaten with stress.

OK! magazine does not have the answers.

Not eating when you’re hungry is the first step to a fucked up relationship with food.

Being a bikini athlete is miserable AF.

If you stare at something for too long, you’ll ALWAYS find imperfection.

Find 3 things every day that you LOVE about yourself.

Even when you HAVE Britney abs, you wont think that you have Britney abs.

F*ck Britney abs.

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