3 things you need to know about your “Sugar Addiction” (eye roll)










Meet Susan, self proclaimed sugar ADDICT…


“I don’t eat sugar because it’s toxic”


Susan also gets pissed every weekend, is stressed outta her tree and isn’t sleeping properly.

But PLEASE Susan, do tell me more about how sugar is killing you, Hun.


Now, if like me, you’ve got a serious sweet tooth, espesh when it’s Shark Week, you’re tired, hungover .. or you’re just bored at home and the Hob Nobs seem to call your name from the cupboard.

I mean THAT teamed with flamboyant, sensationalist claims made by the media comparing sugar to crack cocaine. The same media who thrive on taking peer reviewed, expert studies totally out of context and cherry picking the information to suit their sensationalist stories.


OR health and fitness ‘professionals’ wielding the same misinformed information, behind their own agenda.

^^^ Which for me, is even worse.


Now, ill have you consider that unless you’re leaving your desk for a cheeky line of Tate and Lyle off the back of your toilet seat at work..

You’re probs NOT addicted to sugar.

I mean in it’s purest form, have you ever seen anyone eating it straight outta the bag, snorting it or injecting it?

I know there’s probs a video on Lad Bible but I’m not talkin’ about snorting for LOLs.

Now in a few sentences time, I’m gunna explain EXACTLY why you’re NOT addicted to sugar and why trying to go cold turkey is the worst thing you can do..

So here’s the first thing..


So you might have heard that sugar is just as, if not more, addictive than Heroine or Crack Cocaine.

Now I KNOW that you’re a women with a level head and more than one brain cell.. so lemme ask you this..


Have you ever heard of a granny being mugged to fund a Tate & Lyle habit?



Mmm.. didn’t think so.


See, here’s the thing..

There’s research that suggests that, similar to heroine, dopamine in the brain surges when you eat sugar.

Dopamine from the pleasure centre in the brain that is also released when…

You get a like on Facebook.

When you eat cake (yasss, Hun).

When you take a hit of heroine.

When you have sex..

**So, Susan, you’re addicted to sugar and DICK? How’dya like that for a bag o’ potato chips**


Here’s the thing, you are not addicted to sugar based on this misconstrued and slanderous claim.

The brain’s reward centre isn’t about sugar. It’s about an experience you get from eating palatable foods.

Don’t believe me?
See how much pleasure you get from eating sugar in it’s purest form and get back to me.

I mean, you can’t shy away from the fact that the majority of tasty foods and foods you’re likely to over eat are sweet or carb based, in some shape or from..


Which brings us to the “Sugar is toxic” argument.


Now here’s the thing.. BY LAW, if sugar was toxic, it would have to be clearly labelled as such and considering, the amount of people who over eat foods that are high in sugar.. people would be dying from it’s toxicity.


**Cause of death?… Cupcakes**

See this is the thing, sugar correlates to the foods we love and foods we tend to over consume.

Sugar isn’t making you fat..

The OVERCONSUMPTION of calories  is.



It just so happens that most women I speak to tend to over indulge on the sweet stuff and if you’re one of my clients, you’ve likely seen the tele class, in my private members area, as to why we as women are more drawn to sweet foods.

I mean surely it’s about time we stopped perpetuating myths about sugar being addictive and sugar being toxic.

Now, I’d just like to point out that I am in no way encouraging  wooohooo sugar coma all-day-errrr-day but  nothing irks me more than seeing coaches, PT’s, ‘Health Professionals’ on social media perpetuating these sugar myths..

And the worst part, advising women to go cold turkey from sugar to rid them of their made up addiction that, ahem Honey,YOU have put into their heads in the first place.

Who in their right mind thinks that it’s ok to inflict a made up addiction on someone else?.. it’s not.

**OH you enjoy a few Hob Nobs? SUGAR ADDICT!**

^^^ Piss off, Hun.

Here’s the thing anyone who knows anything about the treatment of addiction itself , knows that addictive type behaviours and CRAVINGS get worse when you restrict.

Again, I know you’re a woman of substance so consider this.. is ANYTHING in excess great for you?



So to reflect.. Do you still think you have a sugar addiction?

Or is this whole thing actually a case of upgrading the way you think about certain foods to understand that YES, some foods are higher in nutritional value than others.

That it’s ok to detach the neggy language, the guilt and STILL know that it’s OK to enjoy something sweet, it’s not the end of the world, Hun.

Is it time you got the f*ck over yourself and enjoyed a doughnut for what it is?

^^ You’ll know by reading this whether this is true for you 😉


Love Lottie ‘Susan just needs some good D…oughnuts’ Too Hottie 


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