Top 10 Gym Essentials That Busy Gals Need To Know

Charlotte De Curtis Fitness Professional

Top 10 Gym Essentials That Every Busy Gal Needs To Know


“The music in the gym is shit” …
Now, unfortunately Beyonce, the playlist of any gym isn’t made with JUST YOU in mind.. so if you don’t like it take your own frikkin headphones Hun, K?


Fitness Blender.

If you find yourself getting stale or bored in the gym, or maybe you don’t have time to get to the gym AT ALL there are tons of apps and channels with workouts on that you can pinch for your self and even access on your phone for free whilst you’re at the gym (or working out from home) so you don’t have to spend a chunk of your workout staring aimlessly at machines wondering how the frikk to use them.
Check out Fitness Blender on Youtube for some gym inspo OR one of my glute workouts from my Too Hottie Booty Camp Programme Here



Nothing revs up a workout like your favourite songs, right? I’m all about Old School Britney … Don’t judge me. And Spotify have some of my FAVE EVER playlists that are ready made so you don’t have to piss about with your phone or music player and lose your flow mid workout.
Check out the ‘Gym Shark’ playlists on Spotify for some great workout soundtracks.


The RIGHT trainers

All trainers ARE NOT created Equal. So ya know that pair of trusty sneaks, with the big chunky sole, you pull out every now and again for any form of exercise from running to heavy weight training… well they might very well be hindering what you’re trying to achieve.


Now I’m not talkin’ about buying a whole new wardrobe of trainers but GET TO KNOW your training shoes. A lot of the girls I train either have lifting shoes/ converse/ Nike Metcons or (worst case scenario but better than a chunky sole) I get them to take their trainers off for heavy lifts like squats and deads.

WHY? Because a chunky trainer doesn’t give you enough stability or support in movements like this which are initiated through drive in the heels of the feet, which is so much more difficult from an unstable surface (like a chunky sole vs a flat sole)

So again, get to know your trainers.

A GOOD Sports Bra

Boobs have ligaments called Cooper ligaments which once stretched, never go back, que Spaniel Ear syndrome. As you can imagine, letting your puppies boing round ain’t gunna help out this situation, nor is it gunna be comfortable. Plus if ya’v got some decent sized pupsters and they’re not strapped down they really can get in the way of your movements in the gym.


Now, by ‘good sports bra’, I don’t mean a lycra Crop Top. I mean an ACTUAL BRA that’s gunna absorb shock and hold the gals down, outta the way.


The following are two of my faves and if you’re new to the Sports Bra game make sure ya go and get a proper ‘fitting’ appointment at a shop, you’ll be surprised how many people are walkin’ round in the wrong sized bra.

My Faves: Panache and Shock Absorber both available at


A Litre Bottle of Water

You’ll be surprised how many people don’t drink enough water in general and you do need to drink even more when you’re training. Try your best to drink a litre of water whilst you exercise. I get my girls to add some BCAA’s to it too, deffo worth looking in to if ya wanna vamp up your results and recovery.


INVEST in Some ‘Go To’ Black Leggings

Now I’m a Nike gal, yep they’re more expensive than your H & M’s or ya Primarni’s but in my eyes there’s a lot to be said for R&D (research and development) of sport specific clothing by a sport specific brand… Which ya get from somewhere like Nike but not so much from your six quid Primark leggings.
Seriously, INVEST.
Even my 5 year old (worn to death) Nike leggings have never let me down and gone see through, become ill fitting at the knees or drawn attention to my sweaty groin… Jus’ sayin’

FAVES: Nike Power Epic Lux Tights

My Fitness Pal App:

If you don’t know your arse from your elbow when it comes to getting back into ‘eating healthily’ it might be an idea to get a nutrition and fitness tracker app then you can gauge EXACTLY what’s going on with your food and training.
There’s a full tele class dedicated to making your life easier on my SOS programme but this App in particular is fairly easy to use.

FitBit Activity Tracker:

If ya don’t have one… GET ONE.

Most of my gals have a Fit Bit activity tracker which allows them to keep track of their own activity ‘off session’ in order to stay on track of their goals. Also, most people work really well with the added accountability of a numerical goal that they can actually quantify, like trying to reach a consistent 10,000 steps per day, for example.

Plus there’s tons of things ya can do with it, all of which I also reveal on one of my tele classes on my SOS programme.

Love Char xx

PS, to find out more about my SOS programme or to apply you can click here (Warning it’s not for everyone)