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Take back control so you never have to diet AGAIN. Get my no - nonsense, yet hilarious, 7 Day Blueprint here..

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Welcome, you’ve found the Too Hottie Coach

I’m a no nonsense personal trainer, specialising in working with women, like you, who are well and truly fed up! We’re talking diet, exercise, attitude and mindset. If you’ve tried it all and not sure where to turn next, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s not beat around the bush… you want to feel sexy again, wear the clothes you want and want your man not to be able to take his eyes (and hands) off you. All whilst still enjoying a social life with the waistline and happiness you deserve.

Lemme Guess…
You’ve already ploughed money into miracle shakes and diet pills that promise you a flat tummy over night. You want your mojo back but you’re at a loose end… you’ve tried everything princess and now you’re exhausted, fed up and feel like poop!

Well,  I GET YOU and I’m here to help ….

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Why work with me?

Before we get started, let’s get this straight.
I know why you’re here! You’ve reached a point where the pain is too much, you’re miserable, feeling crappy and tried every fad diet going to no avail.

Maybe you’ve had some success and totally relapsed? Maybe you’ve had a trainer previously who didn’t just quite flip your pancake? You’ve also read that much blurb from THAT many fitness ‘influencers’ and magazines (and let’s not forget Sheila, who lives next door, who did a 5k one time and is now an ‘expert’) that you feel like you don’t know your arse from your elbow.

I’ve got to warn you…

I ain’t no conventional personal trainer. I’m not everyone’s cuppa tea (I’d rather be someone’s shot of Tequila anyway, Honey Bunny) Maybe I’ll float ya boat, toss ya salad, rock ya socks.

… Maybe I wont

I don’t do gimmicks, I provide you with no nonsense advice. I also don’t give you conventional ‘woo woo’ cheerleader fluff that ya might hear from some’a the ‘gurus’. If you ask for my opinion, you’ll get it in order to constructively move you forward. I work with real people, with jobs, kids and social lives.

One size does not fit all .. EVER.

It really is essential that you find the right trainer, someone you believe in, someone you can relate to and someone who you feel is going to move you forward.

That may or may not be me. And that’s fine.

If you’ve already read any of my blog posts (which I highly recommend you do to decide whether I can ping your pong) you’ll see that I will only work with what I like to call ‘My kinda people’.

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Take back control so you never have to diet AGAIN. Get my no - nonsense, yet hilarious, 7 Day Blueprint here..

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So, what I’m sayin’ is this my friend…

.. If you know you want to change
.. If you feel ready to put in the work to make those changes
.. If you want to have fun on your journey

Maybe.. just maybe… I’m the one who can razzle ya dazzle and give ya back ya mojo.

So, if ya wanna see if I can hump your camel (Too much? Ok I’ll stop now)
click the link below to find out more about how we can work together, and if you’re lucky I might even make you a brew too.

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